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    Default [THEMES][MOD][APP][LWP][GB][ICS] Sony Live w/ Walkman™(WT19i)

    Themes, Mods, Apps, and more...
    Sony Live With Walkman™ (WT19i)

    [APP][GB]Default Themes

    Download Link: DefaultThemes.apk

    - android gingerbread (2.3.4)
    - rooted device
    - root explorer or any file manager

    1. Download "DefaultThemes.apk"
    2. Copy to your phone
    3. Open root explorer, move the "DefaultThemes.apk" to "/system"
    4. Click "Mount r/w" from the top part of root explorer.
    5. Long-press the file and select Permissions
    6. Set permissions as rw-r--r--
    like this:

    7. Long-press again and select move, go to "/system/apps" and click paste, if you're prompt on overwriting the file click yes.
    8. Reboot and enjoy


    Other Mods/Themes:

    [LIVE WALLPAPER][GB]Xperia S Live Wallpaper
    [MOD][GB]Xperia S Home
    [MOD][GB]XPERIA S Music Player
    [ROOT][GB]Safe to remove unnecessary apps
    [MOD][GB]Xperia S Home [UPDATED]
    [APP][MOD][GB]Stock Live Walkman widget with Xperia S style | XPERIA S Widgets | XPERIA S + ICS THEME
    [LIVE WALLPAPER][GB][ICS]Cosmic Flow Live Wallpaper New Colors!!
    [MOD][ICS]Wave Lockscreen
    [MOD][APP][ICS] Quickpanel, Conversations, Calendar mod
    [MOD][ICS]Statusbar, Call Screen, Lockscreen Player
    [APP]Xperia S ICS Wakman App
    [APP]Wave Control
    [Bootanimation]+[Wallpapers] Jelly Bean(Android 4.1) for ICS and GB
    [APP][ICS]Xperia S Home Launcher (Dock)
    [Sound Mod] XSBeatsAudioMOD | v5.0 {Beats, DBS, SRS, ClearBass, Walkman, SoundAura}
    [ICS][MOD] Build.prop tweaks
    [APP]Phonebook+SmartSearch for Gingerbread
    [WIDGETS]Clocks and Timer Widgets
    [LWP][APP]Xperia S clock for gingerbread + livewallpapers
    [APP][MOD][GB]ICS Style Settings w/ Panel Settings for Gingerbread

    Some apk files you may want to try:

    Apps Folder
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    Default Re: Themes for Live with Walkman

    Ok ung mga themes ts, astig din. Kaso unro0ted pa ung lww q hahaha

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    Default Re: Themes for Live with Walkman

    Quote Originally Posted by kikoys View Post
    Ok ung mga themes ts, astig din. Kaso unro0ted pa ung lww q hahaha
    try mo sir idownload yung apk, ilagay sa cp at install yung apk. baka gumana. aha.

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    Default Re: Themes for Live with Walkman

    Ah dito ko na lang post mga suggestions ko hehe

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    Default Re: Themes for Live with Walkman


    Here's what i use:

    Category 1. Mods for stock ROM
    They will be compatible with stock or stock-based ROM

    Mod you DefaultThemes.apk, all background of colours of choice of your phone will be changed.

    ICY Ericsson 3:
    ALMOST fully mod your phone to ICS style!
    Link: [MOD][ZipThemer][For XPERIA ROM] Mod your ROM with freedom!


    -ZipThemer(download on link)

    1. Download the ZipThemerpackage.zip in the attachments below, extract the zip and install ZipThemer.apk, create a new folder called ZipThemer folder to the root of your sdcard, and put the edify folder in ZipThemerpackage.zip into the ZipThemer folder!

    2. Download the ideal mod zip(s) (which is non-flashable!) for you and put them to the ZipThemer folder! (Just download the one you like)

    3. Open ZipThemer app and do the following :[Menu]>[Settings]>[Update script format]>Choose[Edify-Wt19i]! (It doesn't matter if your phone is not Wt19i, it will always work if your phone is a Sony Ericsson phone, and it have ClockWorkMod Recovery.)

    4. In the main UI of ZipThemer, press [+Theme] button and choose the mod zip(s) you want to use (you may add multiple mod zip)

    5. Click [Build!] button, the app will ask you whether to build an undo zip, click yes for the lowest risk.

    6. Reboot to ClockWorkMod Recovery, [install zip from SD card], choose the update .zip which is at the root of sdcard and install it!

    7. Enjoy!!
    credits to danist727 in XDA
    Last edited by boyq; 18th May 2012 at 13:44.

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    Default Re: Themes for Live with Walkman

    [LIVE WALLPAPER][GB]Xperia S Live Wallpaper



    Credits: I'm not sure. I just searched in 4shared.com
    Last edited by boyq; 8th Jun 2012 at 17:55.

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    Default Re: Themes for Live with Walkman

    [MOD][GB]Xperia S Home

    Link:Tweaked Xperia S Home Launcher (Dock and/or Corners)


    -w/ CWM


    -Copy downloaded file to root of SD Card. (Not inside any folder)
    -In CWM, install .zip from SD Card
    -Reboot. Enjoy.


    v6.0 (23/05/12):
    - New and improved preference screen with icons and separeted categories
    - 4x4 desktop layout for all versions
    - 4x3 (v5.1 layout with icon/folder titles) desktop layout for dock and dock with top corners
    - Choose between 8 app drawer background styles (light gradient, dark gradient, transparent, 25% opaque, 50% opaque, 75% opaque, opaque, transparent plate)
    - Choose desktop screen indicators style
    - Preference to direct access Xperia Home and Xperia Home Preferences in android settings
    - Fixed some layout issues
    - New attachments
    - New screenshots

    I'm using the "v6_HVGA_Dock_TopCorners_Home_Update.zip"
    More choices on the thread.


    v5.1 (01/05/12):
    - 3 desktop rows layout for Dock and Dock_TopCorners versions
    - Home restarts now will be for each preference (if needed)
    - Enable/disable desktop screen indicators
    - Dock icons with labels (single line)
    - Fixed widgets layout sizes in landscape
    - ICS Square folder
    - Fixed desktop icons labels alignment
    - Hungarian screen preferences translations (thanks gyeben)
    - Vietnamese screen preferences translations (thanks kulroyal)
    - Fixed some Russian screen preferences translations (thanks himasura)
    - New attachments
    - New screenshots


    I'm using the "v5.1_HVGA_Dock_TopCorners_Home_Update.zip"
    More choices on the thread.

    Credits to serajr of XDA
    Last edited by boyq; 8th Jun 2012 at 17:55.

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    Default Re: Themes for Live with Walkman

    [MOD][GB]XPERIA S Music Player

    Link:XPERIA S Music Port


    -GB 2.3.4 on .62 FIRMWARE
    -w/ CWM


    -Root Explorer
    -Titanium Backup(or any similar app)

    Installation Notes:

    -Delete Music.apk with Root Explorer. Make sure it's RW. Install this via CWM.

    OR if not working,

    -Back-up data+apps first using apps like Titanium Backup.
    -In CWM, wipe data/factory reset. (Warning: Will lose all data) Install. Enjoy


    -Walkman button and lights doesn't work yet. But you can assign walkman button to play/pause while your phone is on or sleep mode using Root Explorer. Follow this thread.

    Credits to Lasan in XDA
    Last edited by boyq; 8th Jun 2012 at 17:56.

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    Default Re: [ROOT] Themes for Live with Walkman + compilation of tweaks

    up ko lang..

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    Default Re: [ROOT] Themes for Live with Walkman + compilation of tweaks

    Quote Originally Posted by patz0110 View Post
    up ko lang..
    Wala pa kong ibang nagugustuhan na mod for now

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