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    Post All About Kata Tablets (Reviews, Questions, etc)


    About Kata Minitab7

    About Kata T1
    • Price: P5999 as of Nov 14, 2012 (from original price of P6799)
    • Kata T1 Comments, Reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by adcmark1081 View Post
    So far all the games I threw at it works. It's HD, so I'm quite happy with what I can see on the screen
    Quote Originally Posted by adcmark1081 View Post
    Android 4.0.3
    1024 x 600 - hd (almost)
    8GB Internal 1GB RAM (sd card supported)
    Tried playing videos with different extensions and resolutions, so far it's flawless
    Games load faster than similarly priced tablets
    Scored higher in Antutu benchmark than T1 running Gingerbread.
    Quote Originally Posted by alienman View Post
    gusto ko rin sana ito eh.na try ko parang galaxy tab lang sya.un lang walang sim slot
    Quote Originally Posted by miccim View Post
    24th Sep 2012 Mon, 23:09 ... gamit ko po t1 tablet 1 month na, ok naman po 1 day tagal ng battery kung may magandang apps ka para maka save ng battery, gamit ko sya sa viber, yahoo mesenger with video, skype with video, facebook, youtube, manga comics, 9gag, movies, ok naman lahat..

    gamit ko net ay globe tattoo superstick yun may router na wifi 21mbps okay naman lalo na kung dolphin browser gamit super bilis ng loading, download ng movies, games sa google play, ayos sya overall, napunta ako sa site na ito check ko lang kung pwede gawing jelly bean pero kung hindi naman ok lang din dahil ayos naman..

    gamit ko apps para hindi mag lag yung advance task manager pro para autoclose nya mga specific apps nasa background at yung greenpower premium para sa management ng battery, autooff nya mga sync gps wifi pag naka off ang screen mag switch on pag na unlock..
    Quote Originally Posted by pongbarong View Post
    Got my T1 last Nov.04... so far so great for me.
    I've tried the HDMI port and it works like a charm.
    Quote Originally Posted by rpc86 View Post
    I bought KATA T1 last December 2012 and this is my personal review below:

    1. Fast access using the KATA Broadband
    2. The device seems like a Samsung Tablet too
    3. WiFi connection is also good
    4. Smooth graphics user interface especially in games
    5. Battery life for movies is 2 1/2 hours
    6. Battery life for music almost 7 hours
    7. My rate from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) is 8 !
    8. Remaining rate 2 is for the absence of Siim Card Slot
    Quote Originally Posted by rpc86 View Post
    <April 2013>Damn !! I love my KATA T1.

    Para na rin akong naka Galaxy Tab. No need to spend much money. Compare Php 16K to 6K with almost the same features !!

    I bought Screen Protector for T1 in Robinson Forum, 99 pesos lang. I bought also the leather-case of T1 for 249.

    I really enjoy this tablet. The display is so clear and crisp!

    About Kata T2
    • Price: ???
    • Kata T2 Comments, Reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by kyoobs View Post
    kata t2 specs:

    8" Full-Touch Display (1024 x 768 pixels)
    1.6GHz Dual Core
    Quad Core GPU
    Internal: 8GB (RAM: 1GB DDR3)
    External: Support microSD card, up to 32GB
    5.0 Mega-pixel Camera
    2.0 Mega-pixel Front Camera
    Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
    Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
    Mini HDMI
    Li-Ion 4,100mAh battery


    USB Dongle

    Quote Originally Posted by estk07 View Post
    19th Dec 2012 Wed, 14:26 ... update ko lang po may tinda na din silang broadband para sa kata t1.,. pwde daw kahit anung simcard sabi nung nagtitinda.,. wew marami na cguro nag reklamo na ndi daw pede bb stick dun kaya gumawa sila ng sarili nila kaso ang mahal 1,399 kaya kung may bb stick na kau mas mura lng kung ung bb na router buy nyu.,., tnx
    Quote Originally Posted by Caezar View Post
    Gud day mga T1 braders..
    wala bang paraan to pra magamitan nang Broadband stick or any application.. saklap naman wi fi lang pala to...
    Quote Originally Posted by adcmark1081 View Post
    UPDATE mo muna si kata sa latest version. open mo fish market, tapos update mo fish market bago mo download kata t1 update, flash mo after download. Once done, pwede mo na gamitin yung bstick mo, configure mo na lang.


    New: Kata T1: Rooting and Unrooting in MS Windows 8 64-bit by Mr. topet with screenshots

    Rooting Minitab7 Instruction by Mr. Pierrie
    - with youtube links showing how games run smoothly on minitab7
    - with youtube link showing windows95 running on minitab7

    Additional Rooting T1 Instruction by Mr. adcmark
    - Android Root 1.0 ICS Root unlocker with attached file

    Rooting Conversations/Follow-ups - #30, #35, #36, #41, #42, #43, #45, #46, #48, #54, #59, #98,

    My rooting experience - ni-quote ko dito yung first two instructions for easy reference

    Rooting Instructions rewritten with comments

    File attachments

    Unlockroot - Android_Root_1.0.zip. I took this from mr. adcmark's post and re-attached it here for easier access (para sa mga hindi sinisipag i-click yung link ni mr. adcmark...)

    pdanet version 3.5, if you want a lower version go to: http://junefabrics.com/android/downloadold.php

    PdaNet minimum system requirements:
    1. A Google Android phone
    2. Windows 8/7/XP/Vista

    But in my experience, it doesn't work on XP.

    Restore to Factory Settings
    • resetting minitab7 due to forgotten google account code - #61, #62, #63, #65, #67, #70, #71
    • see instruction for system recovery below but choose wipe data/factory reset.

    Call for help ... still unresolved(?) issues

    • Question on HDMI (see quote below)

      Quote Originally Posted by pongbarong View Post
      how will i enable mirroring for the display?
      The screen on T1 goes blank when HDMI is connected. Is there a way that we can make mirroring possible?
      Quote Originally Posted by topet2k12001 View Post

      Ayon sa store, talaga pong hindi mag-mirror ang image/video sa Kata T1 pag sinaksak sa HDMI. Yung Kata T2 raw, kaya ng specs niya na mag-mirror/extend ng display.

    How to do system recovery... (Also, how to unroot your rooted kata)

    Here's how on minitab7 (i'm not sure if it is the same with T1). Make sure that your tablet is 95-100% charged:

    Quote Originally Posted by topet2k12001 View Post
    Confirmed. The procedure works with Kata T1 as well. Kaka-try ko lang ngayon.

    1) Turn-off your tablet.

    2) Press the power-on button and volume down button simultaneously... the fish logo comes out.

    3) Press again simultaneously the power-on and volume down buttons... now comes the android mascot in triangle with an exclamation point on his top-left side.

    4) Press the power-on and volume up again simultaneously... now comes the System recovery menu.

    The menu looks like this:

    Android System recovery<3e>

    Volume up/down to move highlight;
    power button to select.
    reboot system now
    apply update from /sdcard
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition
    recovery system from backup
    update rk image from /sdcard
    Recovery system v1.00
    When you run the recovery system from backup, the following comments will display one after the other:

    Recovery System v1.00
    --Recovery system from backup...
    Checking firmware...
    ===Default recover===
    !!! Please KEEP your USB cable or DC in connected!!!
    Restore system...
    Check system...
    Installation complete.
    Recovery system from backup complete.
    Then it goes back to the previous menu. The next step is to run reboot system now. That's how you do system recovery.

    Running the System Recovery from backup will unroot rooted devices but installed apps and data are untouched.

    Attached Files Attached Files
    Last edited by alea; 24th Apr 2013 at 10:07.

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    Post Re: Kata Minitab 7 Review

    Kata Minitab 7 Review

    This is more of a description of my experience with Kata Minitab7 -- how I evaluate it, set it up, use it. Don't expect it to be too technical; this is for simple people who need to know something about this tablet. If there is something to be corrected (I don't claim to know everything about this tablet) feel free to correct me, but be nice, please? Thank you.

    For starters, you may view their detailed specifications here: http://www.katamobile.com/product_minitab7_spec_en.php

    The box's specification says:
    - 16GB
    - Android 2.3
    - 7 inch multi-touch screen
    - 800 x 480 resolution
    - Full HD display, support HD video format: RMVB, AVI, MKV, MP4, VOB, etc.
    - Built-in front camera
    - Wi-Fi ready
    - Support microSD card, up to 16GB
    - Support external storage

    Designed by Kata in Hong Kong

    The box contains:
    - the tablet
    - the stand
    - power connector
    - usb charger
    - earphone
    - miniUSB to USB adapter
    - miniUSB cable
    - Quick Start Guide

    Processor: Rockchip RK 2918 ARM Cortex A8 1GHz

    From Wikipedia:
    RK2918 was the first chip to decode Google WebM VP8 in hardware. It uses a dynamically configurable companion core to process various codecs. It encodes and decodes h.264 at 1080p, and can decode many standard video formats including Xvid, H263, AVS, MPEG4, RV, and WMV. The Vivante GC800 GPU is compatible with OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG.

    The RK2918 is compatible with Android Froyo (2.2), Gingerbread (2.3.x), HoneyComb (3.x) and Ice Cream Sandwich (4.x).

    * Cortex A8 processor, clocked at up to 1.2 GHz.
    * NEON SIMD support.
    * Vivante GC800 GPU
    * DDR, DDR2, DDR3 support.
    * Adobe Flash Player 10.1
    * (Unofficial support for Ubuntu and other Linux-flavours exists)
    Most apps are built around the ARM processor so a lot of these apps would work with this tablet. I've downloaded and tested popular free apps and so far I'm satisfied with the results. Basing on the Processor specs, the technically-inclined can clock it to 1.2GHz and can upgrade this to ICS.


    Kata's website lists 800 x 400 screen resolution, a little way off the standard screen sizes listed for Android devices. This may have been a typographical error on their part.

    I get the same Samsung Galaxy Y multi-touch experience... I can tap, swipe, pinch at the slightest touch. If I'm not careful and my fingers wander to other parts of the screen, unexpected things happen like unfriending an FB friend (sorry!) or posting an incomplete status update. Even the Home, Menu and Back buttons are very sensitive that I often close my app without meaning to.

    (wait... there's more...)
    Last edited by alea; 17th Sep 2012 at 21:24.

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    Post Re: Kata Minitab 7 Review

    * Internal: 16GB
    * External: supports microSD card up to 16GB
    * Supports external storage

    The internal 16GB is subdivided into:
    * RAM: 271MB
    * ROM: 1GB
    * SDCard: 13GB
    * the remaining GB is, I guess, used by the OS and other stock apps bundled with the tablet

    If there is no microSD card inserted, the tablet treats the internal memory as the SDCard (13GB). Inserting and mounting an external microSD card will "hide" the internal SDcard. Thus, you cannot use any apps that you have installed previously on the internal sdcard. To use either of the two would require you to mount/unmount the desired sdcard.

    You can still run all the installed apps on the internal sdcard.

    The internal sdcard is really called the NAND Flash. I labeled it as internal sdcard in this review because this tablet treats it as "the sdcard" and to distinguish it from the actual external sdcard that we may or may not use.

    The ext-sdcard, if used (i.e. mounted), will only act as an additional storage. Any apps you install will go to the phone memory and you cannot move the app to sdcard because the button is disabled. You cannot access any data or apps saved on the Nand flash. But, as corrected earlier, previously installed apps on the Nand flash will still run. Installed apps on the int-sdcard are still updated even if it is the ext-sdcard that is mounted.

    The best way to maximize this feature is to:
    • store your data (songs, movies, ebooks, etc.) on the ext-sdcard.
    • unmount the ext-sdcard everytime you install a new app so there will be a chance that it would be saved to sdcard.

    To move your data from int-sdcard to ext-card: you will need to save the int-sdcard data to a udisk, that's the other external storage that is connected via the miniUSB port... for example, the USB drive or flash drive or thumb drive. Then copy that data to the ext-sdcard.

    Credit goes to Mr. LeMAC143 who started a call for help thread about Memory Storages ng Android.
    Also, it is hard to physically insert and remove an SDcard on the tablet's SDcard slot. There is no 'springy' feel to it.

    Madali lang pala mag-insert; yung pagtanggal ang hassle kasi ang gawa ko, I use the sharp end of a safety pin para mai-angat ng kaunti yung sdcard. Then I will use my nipper para makuha ang sdcard. Pwede rin siguro tsani or twissor ang gamitin.

    Yung sa SGY kasi ipi-press lang, parang magla-lock na. Pagtanggal naman, ipi-press lang din then aangat na. Yun yung 'springy' feel na sinasabi ko.

    Kaya mount/unmount na lang para convenient.
    Comparing it to Cherrypad Advance and Paladin, which both have 8GB internal memory, kata's memory is better. Cherrypad also subdivides its internal memory the same way as above, but with lower values.

    Kata minitab7 supports extended memory... i.e., by attaching a thumb drive to it. It does not recognize a card reader, though. Correction again: it does! see this.

    I have not tested it with any external hard disk yet (still have to buy one, I wish!).
    Update: Can't read external hard disk (tried Seagate 1.5TB but didn't work).

    (there's more to come...)
    Last edited by alea; 1st Nov 2012 at 07:31.

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    Post Re: Kata Minitab 7 Review

    OS: Android v2.3.1 (Gingerbread) - version is a little older than Samsung Galaxy Y's which v2.3.3. Cherrypad (Advance/Paladin) wins with Android version 4.0 ICS (read: Ice Cream Sandwich). Though, I much prefer Gingerbread 2.3.3 which is the most stable Android version. I didn't have problems with my SGY. (Update: My SGY is now GB 2.3.6 via Samsung's OTA service).

    Camera: built-in front 2M pixel on the top-left part, if tablet is in landscape mode. No rear camera.

    Cherrypad Advance has a front but no rear camera, too. Cherrypad Paladin has no camera at all.

    But, the camera causes the kata tablet to hang depending on the apps used -- that is, most apps don't support this camera.

    Good thing there' s a reset button provided so if all else fails ... hit it with the end of a plastic-coated paper clip. I like this reset button concept on a tablet (I didn't find one in Cherrypad Advance) because unlike a cellphone where you just remove the battery when it hangs, the tablet's battery is safely enclosed and cannot be removed. It gives me a semblance of control on my gadget ... much like the three-fingers salute everytime Windows hangs.

    On hanging...

    An Owtel representative says that hanging is usually caused by a low battery condition and advises me to charge it once the warning appears (usually at 30%). I'm using a free app (ZDbox) which displays the battery percentage on my notification bar and warns me if my tablet is low-batt. If you don't want to install this app, use the clock to see the battery percentage while charging. He said that you should never drain the battery as it will be difficult to turn it on again.

    Addt'l info: When the color of the battery icon on the lower right part of the screen turns into orange, that's the signal that it is time to charge your tablet.

    Last edited by alea; 14th Sep 2012 at 12:24.

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    Post Re: Kata Minitab 7 Review

    * 3.5mm audio jack, built-in microphone and speaker, volume control
    * mini-USB slot
    * 5V DC in
    * Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

    * Bluetooth 2.1 (Samsung Y's version is 2.2)

    The pre-loaded bluetooth app is not working reliably... some files are not sent; BUT there's a better app from Google Play (Bluetooth File Transfer) which can even transfer files by batches.

    * 3-axis G-sensor

    Wth is this? 'been reading this specs from most Android phone and no one bothers to explain this. Or maybe someone did but in a technical mumbo-jumbo sort of explaining... the kind most reviews are usually written, complete with benchmark blah-blah-blahs.

    In a nutshell, this feature is responsible for this: If you rotate the tablet to portrait or landscape, the display moves along with it assuming auto-rotate is on. It can also detect "tilting" which is good for playing Temple Run (for example).

    * supports Flash Player

    Adobe Flash Player v10.1 is pre-loaded. Some TV apps require Adobe Flash Player, so with this tablet, you can watch internet TV. A lot of good games also require flash ... But I still cannot play Need for Speed ... because it's a paid app (hehe, I only use FREE apps).

    You can also play SWF files (my favorites are Hotdog Bush and Penguin Diner) no need to download a separate SWF Player app (the one I downloaded and tested Force Closed on me). Just use a file manager to open the file with the SWF extension with Adobe Flash Player.

    As to facebook games ... I'm a fan of Zynga and play some of their games a lot. But only Poker and Word with Friends has an Android equivalent apps. If you are into Farmville, the browser will always redirect you to their Farmville Express version. With Hidden Chronicles, I'm able to accept and send gift to my neighbors using my Samsung Galaxy Y; but with minitab7, I can't. 'might as well stop playing those games since there are other Android games with similar concept ... Farm Story and Bakery Story comes to mind... minus the status flooding on facebook walls.

    * USB Dongle

    Cherrypad supports USB Dongle; Kata can also support this. Mine is Huawei E1552 (by Globe Telecoms) and is detected automatically. Though I have yet to test it once I get around to loading my prepaid sim card, which is not my priority since I'm using Wi-Fi and free SMS. With this dongle and Globe's dashboard, my PC could call and text like a cellphone... maybe with the right app it could do the same with this tablet. Anyone who have tried this?

    * There is a Wired Ethernet Settings but a manual should explain how to set this up, plus an "adapter" for the ethernet jack is also needed. Clearly, I have no idea how to setup and manage this.

    * Since this is not a phone, I use Chikka Philippines for my texting needs but the stock Contact app only shows the email addresses pulled from gmail and no cellphone numbers. Chikka looks up the contacts data for the name and number. So I tried to look for an address book kind of app that only list phone numbers and other relevant info of your contacts. All I found are bloated apps with a call and text function attached. I settled for Hozom Phonebook because of its pretty UI (User Interface).

    Last edited by alea; 14th Sep 2012 at 12:27.

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    Post Re: Kata Minitab 7 Review


    * cannot run any compass app (Cherrypad Advanced can't too)

    * No GPS, but can still run Google Maps and locate the tablet by using Wi-Fi signal. I tried installing maps on Cherrypad Advance but I can't find it on Google Play which only means it is not supported.

    (Correction about GPS: supported but disabled.)

    [See this post (but in taglish): http://www.symbianize.com/showthread...1#post12660650 ]

    * No built-in FM radio but you can install a streaming radio app (wi-fi required)

    * No USB tethering - I use this feature to connect my PC to the internet. (Btw, my Wi-Fi source is 5 meters away from my house. I get 2-bar signal strength on good days, 1-bar most of the time from a PLDT 999 plan. With this kind of connection, it is faster to surf using Android than a PC.)

    The "cons" above are listed because my first point of comparison is the Samsung Galaxy Y, which has all these features.

    * No mini-hdmi port; only Cherrypad Advance has this but Cherry Mobile is no longer offering this tablet for sale. (I was actually gunning for Advance but it was already unavailable at the time I was ready to buy).

    * can't play WMV videos

    * Kata's case scratches so easily... I bought mine on June 12, 2012 and it looks beat-up because of the scratches at the back and I'm not even aware that I was causing them.

    This ends my review of the Kata Minitab 7 tablet.
    Last edited by alea; 14th Sep 2012 at 12:29. Reason: correction

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    Default Re: Kata Minitab 7 Review

    how much?

  8. #8

    Default Re: Kata Minitab 7 Review

    Quote Originally Posted by thespicdatum View Post
    how much?
    Php7k. but I'm not a seller. There's another thread here that sells this tablet, I think.
    Last edited by alea; 29th Jun 2012 at 23:07.

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    Coffee Re: Kata Minitab 7 Review

    Update: According to Android Assistant (this is an android app), kata minitab7's specs is as follows:

    model : rockchip minitab 7
    version : Android 2.3.1
    screen size : 480 x 800
    networks : GSM
    cpu info : 1.01 GHz 1 core
    ram : 271.29 MB
    rom : 1007.9 MB
    sdcard : 13.01 GB (Note: walang naka-insert na sdcard sa tablet, yung internal memory or NAND Flash ang tinutukoy dito)
    bluetooth : support (Note ulit: support ang nakalagay sa program ginaya ko lang)
    wifi : support

    (with continuation...)
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Last edited by alea; 13th Sep 2012 at 14:16. Reason: more info

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    Coffee Re: Kata Minitab 7 Review

    continuation of Android Assistant's report....

    gps : support (but disabled ... yun ang natatanggap kong message pag nira-run ko ang Navigation app, tapos dadalhin ako sa Location & Security Settings na wala namang pang-On ng gps kaya ko nasabing no gps sa taas.)

    Live wallpapers : support
    microphone : support
    accelerometer sensor : support
    gravity sensor : support
    gyroscope sensor : not support
    light sensor : not support
    linear acceleration sensor : support
    magnetic field sensor : support
    orientation sensor : support
    pressure sensor : not support
    proximity sensor : not support
    rotation vector sensor : support
    temperature sensor : not support

    ire-research ko pa yung tungkol sa mga sensors (ang dami pala). concern ko for now ay yung nasabi ko about gps... meron pala... nawawala lang yung on-off switch.

    'till next update ...

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