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    Read Upgrading your Canopy (SmartBro only!)

    DISCLAIMER: Me or this site will not be held responsible to any damage done to your canopy antenna. update at your own risk!

    Guide on how to upgrade the firmware of your canopy (windows xp)

    first thing first..download this canopy system software you must have your ESN with you for you to be able to download the update.
    download the following under the Canopy System Software for use with Prizm 3.1 (.pkg3):
    Canopy System Software v8.1.5.1 (DES) (<-skip this if your software version is 8.1.5 already)
    Canopy System Software v8.2.4 (DES)
    Canopy System Software v8.2.7 (DES)

    then download Network Updater Tool v3.1r2 (Windows) under CNUT3.1 then install (need a java installed on your pc to run this updater)

    where to find ESN?pde akyatin mo canopy mo..andun nkadikit ESN..or kung natago mo ung box na pnaglagyan ng canopy mo may ESN din dun..or if you can access your canopy you can see in your home status: Canopy Lite - 5.7GHz - Subscriber Module - xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx...those xx value are your ESN..

    A. for SmartBro user only that can access their canopy with default ip address

    (be sure to finish all downloads before doing this, this interrupts your internet connection)

    1. from your control panel, double click network connections, then right click Local Area Connection

    2. select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) click properties.

    3. choose Use the following IP address type:
    IP address:
    Subnet mask:
    (leave settings this way on upgrade process)

    4. OK and CLOSE

    5. Open your browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera) and input this address on the address bar:

    check if you can access your canopy in the said step above proceed on step number 6..if not try the next step in quote:

    B. for SmartBro user only with 10.xxx.xxx.xxx series ip address:

    Quote Originally Posted by emdee View Post

    option 2: if you still cant access your canopy using the above option (not sure kung meron na thread bout this 2nd part.)..den your IP address is in 10.xxx.xxx.xxx series...you can have your ip address the bloody way or the easy way...look for esn# (where to find?) a). bloody way...pde mo akyatin canopy antennae mo and take note of the last 6 digit sa esn # nkalagay sa canopy mo..b)easy way..if natago nyo ung box ng pinaglagyan ng canopy from the day of the installations. may esn# dun..swerte kung natago..take note of the last 6digit..

    3. converting your 6 digit to your ip address click here..the 6 digit you have may compose of alpha and numeric digit..each two digit has corresponding decimal number..sample if my last 6 digit is like this A1B2B3 if you convert this to decimal:
    (sample only)
    A1 = 161
    B2 = 178
    C3 = 195
    then my IP address would be try yours..take note of your ip address..

    4. now you have your 10.xxx.xxx.xxx ip address time to access your canopy..control panel -> network connections -> right click then properties -> select internet protocol (TCP/IP) -> click properties -> use the following IP address: -> subnet mask: -> ok -> then close
    (leave settings this way on upgrade process)

    5. open a new tab in your browser..enter the IP address in your address bar that you had obtain earlier..(e.g. must have access your canopy page now...access in your canopy having problem with mozilla 3..try using internet explorer if you cant access using mozilla..

    if you can already access your canopy proceed:

    6. look for your Software Version on the status page. if its SM-DES..then the file i stated above to be download is right..if its AES den download AES..but i guess SmartBro is in DES this will tell you what upgrade package to use:

    7. open the application (from your Local Disk (C: ) - > Canopy -> Network Updater -> double click CNUT (MS-DOS batch file). The Canopy Network Updater window will be open.

    8. from the Menu Bar click Update -> Manage Packages -> Add -> Look in your C: where you have saved the downloaded package in .pkg3 format -> Look for **CANOPY8151BUILD_DES.pkg3 -> click Open -> click Close

    **if your canopy software version is 7.x.x use CANOPY8151BUILD_DES.pkg3
    if version 8.1.5 use CANOPY824BUILD_DES.pkg3
    if version 8.2.4 use CANOPY827BUILD_DES.pkg3

    the release notes state that upgrading by skipping one update is not possible...sample:
    (not possible) upgrade 7.x.x to 8.2.4 (i dunno why)
    (possible) upgrade 7.x.x to 8.1.5 then to 8.2.4 then to 8.2.7 (the latest update)..

    to upgrade your software use the next upgrade..dont skip an update

    9. from the Menu Bar click Edit -> Add Canopy Elements To Netwrok Root -> and then on Element Host Names(s)/IP address(s) box, type (the default IP address)...for those with 10.xx.xx.xx series ip address, input your 10.xx.xx.xx ip address-> click ok

    10. click the check box beside the Network Root

    11. on the Menu Bar click View -> Refresh/Discover Entire Network.. you can see here the type, software version, and last access of your canopy..

    12 to update....on the Menu Bar click Update -> Update Entire Network Root -> click Yes then wait..this should take not more than 10 mins..if it is updating to long cancel the process and check if you miss something on the steps..

    13. repeat step 11 and check your canopy it is upgraded..

    **then to upgrade again..repeat on step 8 and open the next .pkg3..remove the previous .pkg3
    **repeat step 9..after step 9 do step 11..under the network root..remove the previous network and check the added network then repeat step 12..then update again till your canopy software version is CANOPY 8.2.7 SM-DES (latest)

    i tried both ip address on my own to update my canopy with this steps..all works well..so just follow the steps you can update it working

    "im not a geek..im just resourceful" just sharing

    check also links at my sig
    Last edited by emdee; 26th Dec 2010 at 00:18.

  2. 27 Users Say Thank You to emdee For This Useful Post.

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    Default Re: Upgrading your Canopy (SmartBro only!)

    my version 9 na.

    ano ba epekto ng pguupgade ng fimware?
    ano ung speed mo pagkaupgrade mo?

    salamat ng marami!

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    Default Re: Upgrading your Canopy (SmartBro only!)

    ask k lng pag nag upgrade b bbilis ung connection m???

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    Default Re: Upgrading your Canopy (SmartBro only!)

    Feedbacks naman po sa mga naka try na

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    Question Re: Upgrading your Canopy (SmartBro only!)

    Pag- NAg- upgrade ba ako n2 bibilis ba ang Smartbro ko?



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    Default Re: Upgrading your Canopy (SmartBro only!)

    feedback naman jan sa nag try na...
    gano ka bilis mag update???

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    Default Re: Upgrading your Canopy (SmartBro only!)

    boss expired na yung ESN ko. wala na bang ibang pag dodownloadan ng package?

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    Default Re: Upgrading your Canopy (SmartBro only!)

    sige hack nyo yung canopy.
    malalaman ng taga smart yan.

    kasi makikita nila kelan binago ang settings..

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    Default Re: Upgrading your Canopy (SmartBro only!)

    nkaupgrade na canopy ko...malaman nila or ndi aus lang yan...connection ko dati pa wla tlga prob sakin...i think mas mgging maganda lang reaction delay ng canopy sa base station..at mas malakas kapit...la ka ibang tweak nmn na ggwin jan kundi ung sa QoS lang nmn...ndi ka nmn ppayag na 256 lang uplink nyan kasi nadaya ka na nun...

  11. 3 Users Say Thank You to emdee For This Useful Post.

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    Default Re: Upgrading your Canopy (SmartBro only!)

    may version 9 na pla..upgrade ko na lang muna canopy ko kung ok ung version 9 before ko update ung post with attach files...

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