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    Thumbsup Energy-Saving - Coffee as Electricity Reducer (micswell coffee)

    Did you receive already the latest receipt of your monthly electrical consumption at home? I’m sure, if you are in thePhilippines, you will read the content with snort and disgust, often swearing cuss words because of the data shown on the piece of paper.

    You will be tempted to find ways on how to reduce the reading on your electric bill. Bigger slice of your take-home pay will always be paid to the owner and shareholders of the electrical company that is providing you with electricity.

    Tampering electric meter is a crime, more so with putting a negative metal rod in order to divert the flow of excess electricity (just like what happened to my former radio colleague who now operates an internet café).

    Now enters coffee as an electricity reducer!

    You’ll think this as scam or just gimmickry but those users who are already enjoying its benefits can give you proof that it is true.

    The one who shared with me the technique on how to put that coffee on the cord of every electrical gadget or appliance at home, showed her recent electric bill receipt revealing a more reduced amount that she’ll pay.

    The friend of my landlady here inManila, who owns a forwarding service or freight company testified that he, too believes in the authenticity of this marvelous use of coffee.

    To tell you frankly, I was also doubtful regarding this, because I don't know the component of coffee that can reduce the surge of electric power. Only the experts know.

    The story behind this discovery.

    The beautiful and humble beginning of this discovery came from a not-so-prominent guy whose mother was on the verge of dying due to a terminal disease.

    He was able to mix the coffee with the following (aside from sugar and milk):

    1. spirulina - this awesome seaweed that is rich in energy-giving nutrients and minerals
    2. ganoderma - a kind of tropical mushroom that is usually mix with ground coffee beans,dubbed as king mushroom
    3. glutathione - a very good whitening agent and anti-oxidant

    With the production of his coffee that was approved by Burea of Food and Drugs (BFAD) now also called Food and Drug Administration (FDA), he was able to sell it during trade fairs and exhibits.

    The potency of his version of mix coffee was able to prolong the life of his mother

    With continuous research, he also added into his coffee the unique function as electricity reducer!

    In a desperate situation he was into, during the ailing period of his mother, he tried putting the coffee on the cords of his electrical gadget and appliances.

    At the span of one month, a new electric bill arrived showing a more reduced consumption!

    To the public, he recommend his coffee as an additional energy-saving component at home or even in a big business who use much of highly-priced electricity in the land where the providers are cashing in huge money from the consumers.

    This is what I did at home

    Ordering a box of that particular mix of coffee will need around Php250.00 pesos ($5.00) for one user to avail. I mean, it's still on the stage of promotion, that's why when the producer (name withheld) presented it at the World Trade Center seminar hall at Pasay City, Philippines, the attendees cannot believe of what he's saying.

    Until he presented the evidences by showing his recent electric bills (no hanky-panky about it). The results are genuine.

    Most of them became interested and were able to be persuaded to share the knowledge they've learned during that seminar.

    In other words, it reached my home in the city.

    The ratio of using that sachets of coffee for every electrical appliance or gadget available at home will be like this (also depending on its size and wattage).

    1. electric fan - two sachets of coffee; it can be three pieces if it has bigger wattage
    2. television set - three sachets of coffee
    3. refrigerator - four sachets or more depending on its size
    4. laptop computer or desktop - three or four sachets of coffee

    If you see some modern gadgets, the cord has its round capacitor that reduces electric consumption.

    Since, most of the gadgets we use don't have that special capacitor, this coffee mix will serve like it.

    Note: I cannot compare my electric bill now, while I'm doing this hub. I will be updating it, a month after and I hope it will be successful that I can see a reduced amount of consumption when the electric bill comes. (With personal opinion and biases from travel_man1971 aka Ireno Alcala, June 8, 2012)
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    Default Re: Energy-Saving - Coffee as Electricity Reducer (micswell coffee)

    mga mods jan paki move nalang po ng thread kung wrong section.... tnx!

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    Default Re: Energy-Saving - Coffee as Electricity Reducer (micswell coffee)

    try nyo to mga ka SB.. chance na natin to para maka save naman tayo sa kuryente di lang sa internet.. hehe up up up... yan po gamit ko sa bahay ngayun... at malaki talaga ang help nito lalo na sa akin na heavy user halos magdamagan naka on ang PC...!

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    Default Re: Energy-Saving - Coffee as Electricity Reducer (micswell coffee)

    up up up natin to mga ka SB... try nyo, wala naman mawawala kung susubukan nyo... Basta ako, GOOD ang feed back para kay TS... bumaba electric bill ko.. hehehe Big para kay TS.....

    Di pwede pakita proof ko eh, makikita personal identity ko pero watch nyo nalang to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1u8vl4KMdU

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    Default Re: Energy-Saving - Coffee as Electricity Reducer (micswell coffee)

    Try and tested.. pero mahirap nga lang hanapin ang nag bibinta ng kape natu.! Pero pwede kayu mag order sa akin. pero handle nyona ang LBC payment

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    Default Re: Energy-Saving - Coffee as Electricity Reducer (micswell coffee)

    ala b nbbili nyan sa grocery store?

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    Default Re: Energy-Saving - Coffee as Electricity Reducer (micswell coffee)

    wala bang steps kung san ilalagay ang mga sachets, nagbibenta ka lang ng product eh..

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    Default Re: Energy-Saving - Coffee as Electricity Reducer (micswell coffee)

    ayus to ts..

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    Default Re: Energy-Saving - Coffee as Electricity Reducer (micswell coffee)

    nice info but
    meron bang sapat na theory talaga

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    Default Re: Energy-Saving - Coffee as Electricity Reducer (micswell coffee)

    ilan po laman nya s isang box pwde po b order las pinas po ko

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