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    Read Decoding BM622i Possible admin password

    This is the first time I handled a bm622i 2011 version.I tried the password that was given here in sb but unluckily I can't access the admin rights.the only password that works for me is the-user:0SlO051O but it only gives me the user access & still no chance for the admin rights.I tried a lot of experiment and I found out using the html page of bm622i 2010 which is the I did is login as user with 622i 2011 then I opened another tab and paste the and it gives me this password !@#$%^&*()_
    can anyone help me how to decode this password?pls feel free to post.tnx


    Visit rin nyo ang thread na 2 http://www.symbianize.com/showthread.php?t=920531
    Quote Originally Posted by nass08 View Post
    Eto na po, para sa lahat. Credit parin sa original na naka discover!

    Login muna as USER then open tab, eto format

    after html ilagay nyo ung link na gusto nyong pasukin sa 622i nyo

    sample :
    Admin_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Status'));
    Admin_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Device0'));
    Admin_0_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Device1'),'../status/deviceinfo.asp');
    Admin_0_1 = new MenuItem(eval('WAN'));
    Admin_0_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Status0'),'../status/internetstatus.asp');
    Admin_0_2 = new MenuItem(eval('LAN'));
    Admin_0_2_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Internet'),'../status/internet.asp');
    Admin_0_3 = new MenuItem(eval('VOIP'));
    Admin_0_3_0 = new MenuItem(eval('VoIP0'),'../status/voipinfo.asp');
    Admin_0_4 = new MenuItem(eval('WiMAX'));
    Admin_0_4_0 = new MenuItem(eval('WiMAXStatus'),'../wimax/estate.asp');
    Admin_0_4_1 = new MenuItem(eval('ScanInfo'),'../wimax/scanInfo.asp');
    Admin_1 = new MenuItem(eval('Basic'));
    Admin_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('WAN'));
    Admin_1_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('WAN'),'../ntwkall/wan.asp');
    Admin_1_1 = new MenuItem(eval('LAN'));
    Admin_1_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('DHCP'),'../ntwkall/dhcp.asp');
    Admin_1_2 = new MenuItem(eval('VOIP'));
    Admin_1_2_0 = new MenuItem(eval('VoIpAccount'),'../voip/sipbasic.asp');
    Admin_1_2_1 = new MenuItem(eval('VoIpServer'),'../voip/sipserver.asp');
    Admin_1_2_2 = new MenuItem(eval('SpeedDial'),'../voip/sipspeeddial.asp');
    Admin_2 = new MenuItem(eval('Advanced'));
    Admin_2_0 = new MenuItem(eval('FireWall'));
    Admin_2_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('FireWall'),'../security/firewall.asp');
    Admin_2_1 = new MenuItem(eval('NAT'));
    Admin_2_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('ALG'),'../application/alg.asp');
    Admin_2_1_1 = new MenuItem(eval('DMZ'),'../application/dmz.asp');
    Admin_2_1_2 = new MenuItem(eval('PortMapping'),'../application/portmapping.asp');
    Admin_2_1_3 = new MenuItem(eval('PortTrigger'),'../application/porttrigger.asp');
    Admin_2_2 = new MenuItem(eval('QoS'));
    Admin_2_2_0 = new MenuItem(eval('QoS'),'../network/qos.asp');
    Admin_2_3 = new MenuItem(eval('VLAN'));
    Admin_2_3_0 = new MenuItem(eval('VLAN'), '../network/vlan.asp');
    Admin_2_4 = new MenuItem(eval('SNTP'));
    Admin_2_4_0 = new MenuItem(eval('SNTP'),'../ntwkall/sntp.asp');
    Admin_2_5 = new MenuItem(eval('CWMP'));
    Admin_2_5_0 = new MenuItem(eval('TR069'),'../network/tr069.asp');
    Admin_2_6 = new MenuItem(eval('VOIP'));
    Admin_2_6_0 = new MenuItem(eval('SipAdvanced'),'../voip/sipadvanced.asp');
    Admin_2_6_1 = new MenuItem(eval('VoiceCodec'),'../voip/sipvoicecodec.asp');
    Admin_2_6_2 = new MenuItem(eval('Voice'),'../voip/voiceadvanced.asp');
    Admin_3 = new MenuItem(eval('Maintain'));
    Admin_3_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Device0'));
    Admin_3_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Reset'),'../management/reset.asp');
    Admin_3_0_1 = new MenuItem(eval('Firmware'),'../management/firmware.asp');
    Admin_3_1 = new MenuItem(eval('Diagnose'));
    Admin_3_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Diagnose'),'../management/diagnose.asp');
    Admin_3_2 = new MenuItem(eval('LOG'));
    Admin_3_2_0 = new MenuItem(eval('LOG'),'../management/logcfg.asp');
    Admin_3_2_1 = new MenuItem(eval('LOG0'),'../management/logview.asp');
    Admin_4 = new MenuItem(eval('WiMAX'));
    Admin_4_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Security'));
    Admin_4_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Security'),'../wimax/security.asp');
    Admin_4_0_1 = new MenuItem(eval('Certificate'),'../wimax/certificate.asp');
    Admin_4_1 = new MenuItem(eval('Scanset'));
    Admin_4_1_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Scanset'),'../wimax/scanset.asp');
    Admin_5 = new MenuItem(eval('Wizard'),'',false);
    Admin_5_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Wizard'),'',false);
    Admin_5_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Wizard'),'../wizard/wizard.asp');
    Admin_6 = new MenuItem(eval('Help'),'',false);
    Admin_6_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Help'),'',false);
    Admin_6_0_0 = new MenuItem(eval('Help'),'/lang/help_content.html');
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    Default Re: Decoding BM622i Possible admin password

    bawal ang nag pupuyat sayo ! hehe..

    hanap tayo decoder nyan..

    try mo to baka nagana..


    !@#$%^&*()_ is your mac 40:23:24:25:5E:26
    Last edited by choco noodles; 6th Feb 2013 at 01:59.

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    Default Re: Decoding BM622i Possible admin password

    wow pa baka ikaw na ts..

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    Default Re: Decoding BM622i Possible admin password

    hindi ba 1234567890-

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    Default Re: Decoding BM622i Possible admin password

    Quote Originally Posted by raysan View Post
    hindi ba 1234567890-
    pwede to. mukang naka-Shift lang yung Pass. ewan ko lang, pero parehas tayo ng napansin.

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    Default Re: Decoding BM622i Possible admin password

    pa bm

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    Default Re: Decoding BM622i Possible admin password

    post algo na!

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    Default Re: Decoding BM622i Possible admin password

    ito ang waiting ko ^^ need dito ng decoder for base64,

    EDIT: ung !@#$%^&_ password yan doon sa security not for admin password ^^
    Last edited by zombie1001; 6th Feb 2013 at 07:39.

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    Default Re: Decoding BM622i Possible admin password

    Makukuha na..

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    Default Re: Decoding BM622i Possible admin password


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