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Recent content by iamrommel

  1. iamrommel


    thank you ng madami lods!
  2. iamrommel

    Speedtest Thread

    Dynamic lods.
  3. iamrommel

    Speedtest Thread

    Pwede nyo takpan yung IP address nyo kapag nag post kayo ng connection speed nyo.
  4. iamrommel

    Speedtest Thread

    PLDT Fibr 1299
  5. iamrommel

    ayun oh WB SYMBIANIZE!!!

    welcome back lods!
  6. iamrommel

    just found this site today....

    Welcome back lods!
  7. iamrommel

    Comeback israel!

    Welcome back mga lodi!
  8. iamrommel

    HHubs po, at your service. 🙋‍♂️

    Welcome back!
  9. iamrommel

    grateful to be back..

    Welcome back sa ating lahat!
  10. iamrommel

    Dinner mo TODAY thread

    Inihaw na pusit 🦑🦑🦑
  11. iamrommel

    hello pa welcome

    welcome lods!
  12. iamrommel

    Revival: Count to a Million.