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I am no great man, neither am I

someone who has the propensity and

sufficient dedication to be one. I

live by what I believe in and stay

away from what I dont. I am


and neither is my thinking

flawless. I

have committed innumerable

most of which I am not very proud


I know that I did regret and I did

fall. However, as long as I cling


to my life and love with

everything I

got, I know Ill see through the


of time with my head held up high

A person i want to meet :


someone who can make me smile with

just a glance...

someone who can take out the best

and worst in me...

someone who's earnest enough to

sing along with my silly tunes...

someone who'll be there with me to

play with the waves...

someone i can goof around with...

someone who i can share my crazy

thoughts and ideas...

someone who's kind enough to share

a part of his life with me...

someone who'll make me feel

special and abnormal at the same


someone i can make lambing...

someone who can chase my fears

away and make me feel


someone who could make me happy

just by breathing...

someone who'll never get tired of

spending his time with me...even

if there's nothing left to do and

no words left to utter...
Quezon City


“Nothing to prove, no one to impress. But strive to better than you were yesterday.”
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