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Chatbox is waiving, drop by and say hi!

Shoutbox is now live. Go ahead and try it, communicate instantly with our fellow Symbianizers.
If you're in desktop, shoutbox is located at the sidebar just above the Forum statistics.
Mobile users will have to scroll all the way down to access the shoutbox.

User tagging also works in shoutbox. Just tag any member and an alert will be sent to them.
It's a neat feature to try catching someone's attention and invite them over to the shoutbox.

Chatbox is now online. It works similar to the shoutbox (now disabled) but with added features and settings.
By default the chatbox is located below the forum list on home page. And unlike the shoutbox,
the archive is available by default (except to Basic Members).


More features can be unlocked using the chatbox items below.


Owners of Megaphone (shoutbox item) may sell it back to the item shop to receive a partial refund of 80 stars.

Chatbox is meant for casual conversations or petty chit-chats only so the server will not keep a record of the chat
messages perpetually. Chat messages older than 14 days will be automatically deleted, that includes private chats.
And when necessary, moderators may also prune all messages manually.

The system activity alerts are handled by the chatbox bot. Her name is SISA. What does it mean? You have to ask her yourself. ;-)
We've added several bot responses when keyword(s) are entered in the chatbox. When entered correctly in sequence you could
have a meaningful conversation with her. Click the spoiler button below for sample keywords.

wer na u
hello sisa
sisa gising
ano balita sisa
musta ka sisa
yayaman ba ko
pangit ba ko
maganda ba ko
pogi ba ko
gwapo ba ko
cute ba ko
yung totoo
siraulo ka
baliw ka
sanaol kras
sino si sisa
sungit naman
san ka punta
road trip
knock knock
go to sleep
tulog ka na
ano gawa mo
sino bf mo
openminded ka ba
english only
bawal yan
ban kita
kick kita
bot ka
di ka tao
talino mo
bait mo
funny ka
sisa :punish:
sisa :sbatok:
sisa :chair:
sisa :hit:
pakiligin mo
mag moment
more hugot
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