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God of War 4 PS4 PKG


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God of War 4 PS4 PKG

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Description God of War is an action-adventure, role-playing, and third-person video game developed by SCE Santa Monica and released exclusively by Sony Interactive Entertainment on April 20, 2018 for the PlayStation 4 Eighth Generation Console Has been. The God of War series is one of Sony's most popular and best-selling games exclusively for the consoles of the company. Up to now, there are eight original and minor versions of the series, which are different from all versions of the past. According to the creators, only a violent and angry character of the game's main character, Cretaceus, has been exhibited so far, but in this version, giving him a young boy, you will face another person with the only child He kept himself safe and taught him how to fight. In this version of the game, while the story follows all the episodes in this series of games based on Greek mythology, it is narrated in the Scandinavian mythology. The main weapon Krutos in this series, which is connected with two chains, no longer applies in this version, and instead he uses a magic ax. The game's graphics and environments are great, and you will see stunning scenes.​

Editor (s) / Developer (s): Sony Computer Entertainment | Sony Santa Monica
Date release: April 20, 2018
Genre : Beat'em All
Theme : History
Mode (s): Solo Play
Platform: PS4
Type: PKG
Region: EUR
GameID: CUSA-07410
Firmware : 5.05
Size: 37.2 GB

DOWNLOAD LINK [Part1 to Part5]:
DOWNLOAD LINK [Part6 to Part10]:
DOWNLOAD LINK [Part11 to Part15]:
DOWNLOAD LINK [Part16 to Part19]:

1. Extract File
2. Copy .pkg File to Removable Drive.
*Important Note: Removable Drive should be 'Exfat' Format.
3. Insert Removable Drive to PS4
*Important Note: PS4 console should be Jailbroken.
4. Go to 'Setting', 'Debugging Setting', 'Games' and 'Package Install'.
5. Install the Game and Enjoy.

Credit to Cronos
Simple Thank You is Enough


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boss pwed po ba tong Ps4 ko na 6.0 ma jailbreak newbie po kac ako dito
San mgamit ung dlc boss? Nag download kc aq nun

install mo after installing yung pkg ng game mismo

downloadable content yan..mga additional content sa games normally side quest,characters etc.
TS pede po ba ma-jailbreak yung PS4 Pro? kakabili ko lang last March 2019 1TB HDD
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