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High Gasoline Price? Trade it and Gain some pesos. Guide to trading for New Traders with Pic. [US-OIL]


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When you are in the Philippines you have noticed the spike in OIL price to almost P100 per liter. To have a wider view of the possibilities of inflation and also to be able to beat the coming inflation, I would suggest everyone to learn the basics of trading especially the commodities market.

This thread will be about the US-OIL market as this is the benchmark of the world oil price.

Getting ready & Things you would need: Just click the colored app names for downloading.
  • The Desire to be Financially Free -
  • Binance App- The most common crypto trading platform here in the Philippines
  • SimpleFX Account - I have been using this app since 2017 and I would assure everyone that this is a safer platform compared to the newer ones.
  • Metatrader4 - It supports most of the commodities broker. It can be downloaded to both ios and android phones.

  1. Open your BinanceApp and select P2P trading. You can use Gcash, Paymaya, or Bank Transfer as a form of payment. In this example I used gcash.
IMG_0658.jpg IMG_0659.PNG IMG_0660.PNG IMG_0661.PNG

Step 2. Buy Tron (TRX) , I would recommend this because TRX has an all time high of 12pesos. Imagine where you have gained in your trades plus the TRX peso value has gone up. It would be another form of gain.
In case you want to use USDT instead of TRX you may do so. Kindly proceed to step 3.


Step 3: Deposit either your Tron (TRX) or US Dollar (USDT) into your SimpleFX account address that may look like below.
IMG_0668.jpg IMG_0669.PNG
(Do not send the coins in these picture addresses, these are mine)

Step 4: In your Metatrader4 App Search SimpleFX and choose LIVE-UK
Once your deposit has been confirmed, you can enter your account details of your SimpleFX -( ie. 311986 and 295392) you have your own together with your chosen password.Enter it into your metatrader application.


Step 5: Trade and Enjoy.

For related questions kindly post it on this thread. Thank you!
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