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How to Allow IP Address in Ubuntu Firewall


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We’ll learn how to allow IP addresses from Ubuntu Firewall in this UFW tutorial.

Using the ufw allow command in Ubuntu Firewall, we can add rules to allow IP addresses for all traffic or for specific network ports.
ufw allow from <Remote-IP> to <local-IP>​

ufw allow from​

This Firewall rule will allow all traffic from the IP Address


ufw allow from to​

This one will allow all traffic from IP, But only on Local Server IP
ufw allow from to any proto tcp​

From the Ubuntu firewall, we allow all network traffic related to the TCP protocol to the IP address
ufw allow from to any proto tcp port 80​

Open Port 80 (HTTP Traffic) to the IP Address from Ubuntu Firewall.


ufw allow from to any proto udp port 53​

This Rule will Open UDP port 53 to IP

Allow IP Network From Ubuntu Firewall

Using the subnet mask prefix we can allow the entire subnetwork from the UFW Firewall.
ufw allow from to any proto tcp port 21​

This Rule will Allow FTP Traffic on Network.

We now learned how to use the ufw allow command to allow IP through the UFW Firewall in this tutorial. :)

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