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IEM (In-Ear Monitor) Discussion Thread


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I want to start a thread regarding this category of audio devices and have a discussion with other members here
There has been a recent boom in this industry that started a few years ago which has been popularized by the brand KZ 🥰

I'll start with my recent purchases and include my previous items as reference.
Note: I'm no expert and not claiming that I'm a professional sound engineer or something related. These are just my preferences and personal opinion on the said products:

-my first chi-fi, really impressed on the quality of this. this has been widely recommended by most reviewers sa youtube and it delivers lalo na sa price: performance. sounds really good. made me realize na yung m50 ko ay overpriced :lol: . my gripes with this, i don't like the "highs" nafa-fatigue yung tenga ko during long listening sessions.
-pinamigay sa kapatid. nagpalit. bought mine for around php675 with mic and including delivery.. nasira na nya.

Blon BL-03
-this one is just better in every way sa ZSN pro for my preference lalo sa bass. still using this and is connected to my PC. i use this for voice chats.
-costed me around php1100 including mic and delivery.

-this is maybe the most highly recommended iem and started the revolution of chifi globally. sounds good. i even prefer this against the ZSN pro... the mids and highs are good. bass is ok.
-binigay sa kapatid. costs me around php550.


Moondrop Aria
-my current daily driver and bought it on sale for around +2600 including delivery. nothing to complain about. this sounds excellent :love:
-buong buo mga tunog at ang linis pakinggan

my previous non-IEM audio gears that are worth mentioning:
Audiotechnica M50s/LE
Klipsch S4

note: might attach pics in the future. i'm also not a bass-head but appreciates it. i prefer detailed mids and highs. back to work muna :ROFLMAO:
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May nag regalo sa akin ng Kz edx. Gagamitin ko sana for monitor kaso parang naka boost ang bass.
May nag regalo sa akin ng Kz edx. Gagamitin ko sana for monitor kaso parang naka boost ang bass.
para sa cheapest "monitor class" iem, ang recommended nila yung KZ ZST/Pro at QKZ VK4. kaso yung VK4 parang may issue na hindi pareho tuning nung unang labas. parang bait-and-switch.
Ahh okay okay. So far okay naman sya pag nakasaksak sa m track solo ko. Kaso deads na mtrack ko hahaha sayang
First IEM ko din KZ zst sadly nasira na yung right pair. Ngayon I have KZ ZS6 ES4 at ED16
i have kz as10 and kz zsn pro.. okay sila kesa sa mga "flagship" earphones kaso medyo di sila ganun ka neutral(bassy) so i use oratory1990 or autoEq for EQ profile for better neutral sound
I'm using Sennheiser IE 40 Pro in recording, So far so good.

Eto gamit ko ngayon TRN V20. P550 sa Labada. Ok ang bass at sound isolation for the price. Halos katunog lang din ng KZ ZST Pro.

Kinumpara ko sa sya sa Redmi Airdots 2 almost same lang ang tunog.

Maganda to pang backup sa mga bluetooth earbuds lalo na't di kailangan ng battery.

nice thread.sakin first iem ko kz zs6 way back 2019 yun.nag lay low ako sa pag collect ng audiogears ngayon.more on sa cycling na kasi.
KZ zsn pro user here for my nintendo switch gaming and mobile phone spotify listening. By the way and recommended cable for replacement at naninilaw na kasi yung cable ko but infares more than 5 years na ito sakin
Hi guys!

My daily drivers are MoonDrop Aria and BQEYZ KC2 with TRN BT20S pro.

... MoonDrop Aria - ang nakakainis lang sa Aria, na aalis yung paint, tapos yung cable nya, masyadong masikip ang pag kaka braid, pero maganda tunog.

... sa BQEYZ KC2 naman, 1st IEM ko, oks naman tunog, kaso yung build qulity di masyado ok, yung aluminum casing nya, natatanggal sa pag kakadikit, need ko pa ikabit using cement glue, tapos yung eartip naaalis din sa pag kadikit sa main housing, naputol tuloy yung wire sa loob, pero na solder ko naman ulit :LOL:

...TRN BT20S pro, for wireless connection via bluetooth, oks naman sya pero may paminsan minsang connectivity issue, ok din ang battery.

edit: added my insight.
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Moondrop Chu

mukhang maganda feedback ni crinacle dito ah
kaso overpriced pa sa lazada/shopee (+2400)
By the way mag uupgrade na ako ng KZ and i was targeting KZ AS16 mejo may kamahalan lang pero mura parin compare to branded ones

competitive rin ang specs
mga boss ask ko lng meron b kaung kilalang gngwa ng wire pra sa KZ ZEX PRO
Detachable mga wire ng kz ah (and all other iem)
Nakakabili nun sa lazada, pm mo lang yung vendor para sigurado ka sa connector type.
May stock na kz and other upgraded cable types from jcally, trn, faaeal, darkhorse, etc.
Kung "repair" talaga, hanapin mo si Koast audio sa fb. Sa kanila ko pinaayos yung m50 ko


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