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Inception: Your Ending Thoughts


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SPOILER ALERT! Sa mga di pa nakakapanood, wag na to basahin :lol:

Ano sa tingin nyo ang talagang ending nun?
1. Nagising sya mula nung last stage ng dream.
2. Di sya nagising sa dream.
3. Whole movie is just his dream.
Eto sakin....

Natapos nga nung team nila yung Inception mission ni Saito...
Pero... ang ginawa ni Saito... nag contrata pra malagay sa dream state si caprio (Cobb)...
Kaya yun, airport and seeing his kids again are all in his dream state... kasi kung mapapansin matagal na sya wla sa US pero kids nya hindi tumanda nung nakita nya...

Thoughts ko lang po to ha... wla violent reaction... :lol:
Nice share racerdude!
Sympre walang kontrahan just opinion lang kasi wala naman talagang nakakaalam ng totoong ending :)
penge naman ng link yung clear mga boss.. kht torrent ba bsta malinaw

Share mode naman kau
Mukhang hindi siya nagising sa dream..
May point si racerdude, matagal silang nawala.. pero yung mga anak niya parang ganun pa rin.
Ung huling scene pa, hindi talaga pinakita kung huminto ung device. :lol:

Panoorin ko siya uli ;)
Nice Share fallout! :clap:
Dami talagang possibleng totoong nangyari eh..
Isa dun eh yung possibleng yung buong movie eh under Limbo or just bad dream lang nya yun...:)
uu nga po...
kc dba nga di na nga ata huminto yung totem nya..
ang naisip ku.. dream nya pa din yun..

as in whole movie is just a dream..
pati yung mission nila.. it was all a dream..
dream ni leonardo.. hahaha!!!

toz kala nya gising na sya sa dream nya ng makita nya ang mga kids nya..
yun pala.. andun lang sya sa pinakafirst stage ng dream nya..
ibig sabihin.. dream nya lang lahat nung ibang characters.. hahah

hahah!! ang gulo ng pagkakaintindi ku at pagtingin ku sa muvee.. panoorin ku nga ulit..
xempre eto lang yung side ku at gusto kung side ng kwennto..

im not sure kung tama aku..


kayo po.. anu pagkakaintindi nyo..

sana madami pa magcomment..

baka magiba ang perception ku..
at mas maintindihan ku yung kwento..

ganda nya!!!
may tendency na tumigil / huminto ung totem nia. Bago natapos ung movie, bumagal ung ikot to the point na titigil sya then cut! tapos na.. cguro nasa reality sya nun... ang mejo nakakalito lang at parang tricky eh yung part na di tumanda yung mga anak nia..
Oo nga, yun talaga ang tricky.

Mas maganda talaga kung panoorin uli ung movie..
may mga part kasi sa movie na ang hina ng boses nila :lol:>> link for this Cobb spins the top on the table to see if this is real or another dream. Just then the children turn and see him, shout "Daddy!", and start toward him. He goes outside to hug them and the camera focuses on the top still spinning. The top is still spinning but wobbles slightly, as if it were about to topple. At that point the screen goes black and the credits begin, leaving open the question of whether Cobb's long-sought homecoming is reality or dream (and leaving a tantalizing potential link to a sequel!). >> e2 yung sagot jan last scene gnawang suspense
It was all a dream. :)


rare mind-bending movie! :thumbsup:
I was thinking we shouldn't over-analyze the whole thing, pero ang iniisip ko they did the ending that way to leave a little mystery (at medyo open-ended din). However, I found something online that says almost exactly how I saw the movie.

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Na curios ako. Dinownload ko 'to ngayon at papanoorin ko na. :D
itoh ang magandang explanation

Was Saito truly powerful enough to make one phone call and end Cobb’s problems or was that just Cobb in limbo projecting his subconscious wish to go home? You can argue logistics all you want, but if it’s said that Saito is a powerful and wealthy man (he bought a whole airline on a whim), then there’s reason enough to infer that he could bend the legal system for Cobb. Rich powerful people bend laws all the time.

Is there something up with that immigration agent or is he just an immigration agent? After two viewings, the conclusion should be that the immigration guy is just a guy. If he’s staring at Cobb, it’s because his job is to look people over and scrutinize them. Would you want immigration letting people through without face-to-face scrutiny?

Did Cobb’s father (Michael Caine) arrange to meet him at the airport or is he there because he’s Cobb’s projection? At this point we’re reading way too much into things. There is a phone on the plane, so Cobb could’ve easily arranged for pickup. This was also an intricate plan they were hatching, so arranging for airport pickup would probably be on the to-do list.

In early dream scenes Cobb is wearing a wedding band that doesn’t appear in the “real world” scenes or the end scenes in the airport – does that mean the ending is “reality?” Details like that are certainly strong evidence that there is a real world and that Cobb does live in it at times – such as when he isn’t wearing a wedding band.

Does the fact that Cobb uses Mal’s totem mean it doesn’t work as a totem and therefore he never knows if he’s in reality or not? Again, we’re reading a little too deep into things. The only people who know the weight and feel of that totem are Mal and Cobb, and since Mal is dead, Cobb is the only one left who knows the totem’s tactile details. So yes, he could certainly use it as a measure of reality, the totem was not “ruined” by him using it.

At the end, Cobb’s kids seem to be the same age and are seemingly wearing the same clothes as they were in his memory of them – is it “proof” he’s still dreaming? As carefully documented by our own Vic Holtreman, at the end of the film Cobb’s kids are wearing similar outfits to the ones he remembers, but their shoes are different. As for their ages: if you check IMDB , there are actually two set of actors credited with playing Cobb’s kids. The daughter, Phillipa, is credited as being both 3 and 5 years old, while the son, James, is credited as being both 20 months and 3 years old. This suggests that while it might be subtle, there is a difference between the kids in Cobb’s memories and the kids Cobb comes home to. That would suggest the homecoming is in fact “reality.” But feel free to debate that.

Will the spinning top keep spinning or was it about to fall over just before Nolan cut to black? Sorry, we will never know for sure, although it does start to wobble and it is never shown doing that in the dream world. Each of us will take away a guess – kind of the point of that final shot.
Para saken reality na yung last scene. Napaka ganda ng movie na 'to.
Ito pala yung pinapalabas dati sa HBO na hindi ko pinapansin. Ngayon
ko lang naappreciate. :salute: Sabi nga sa mga nabasa ko this movie is
all about film making.
ito pampagulo lalo..

"In the opening moments you get a glimpse of Cobb's hand. Specifically, he's wearing his wedding ring. Now, if you follow the rest of the movie keeping an eye out for this you will notice that he only has the ring on when he's in the dream world. At the end of the movie he isn't wearing the ring." If the ring only appears when he's in a dream and he's not wearing at the end of the film, that could be confirmation that in fact, the top does stop spinning after the credits and Cobb is at last in the real world.

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maganda nga tong movie na to, sa sa akin nasa reality na sya kung mapapagmasdan mo yong dream nya sa mga anak nya nung una at sa sa ending magkaiba ng damit pati sapatos, at mukhang lumaki pa sila.. pagmasdan nyo maigi yong mga damit nila panoorin nyo ulit... pati yong mga bata ibang artista at magkaiba ng edad...
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