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Meaning behind your favorite song or lyrics. Share niyo naman 🎵


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I was hoping to start a thread with something meaningful so here it goes:

I tend to research the meaning behind each lyrics or songs that i listen to at mas malakas yung impact sakin kapag alam ko yung story about it. Para bang mas feel mo yung vibe nung kanta then you relate it to your current mood or past experiences. Kaya madalas ako visitor ng lyrics genius or kaya song facts websites eh.

Favorite ko yung Astronaut by Simple Plan (lyrics explanation below). Yung life choices natin sometimes will make us lonely. A few years ago nag decide ako to focus on myself. I worked day and night, lost contact with friends and rare na lang mag communicate sa family. My life is far from what it used to be, di na tumatambay, di na nag-ge-games, wala ng movie nights, mostly puro work. I can say i am successful career wise but i am sometimes lonely. Pag ganun yung mood ko, i listen to this song then move on.
  • This song uses a stranded astronaut as a metaphor for feeling lost and alone, even if you're surrounded by other people. "It's a song about wanting to connect with other people who feel the same way that you do, who are like you," Simple Plan drummer Chuck Comeau explained. "I think that's a very universal desire of people to find people who share the same life vision that we do. He’s feeling like an astronaut as if he’s forgotten or lost. Perhaps someone that doesn’t quite fit in. He wants help as he sits in his ‘tiny box’ or the place he goes to whenever he feels sad. He lost contact with his friends/family after a decision he’d made and is now stuck out there, all alone and no one knows or they simply forgot. Forgot that he’s human too and isn’t as tough as he seems.

Ikaw ba? share mo naman. 😅

PS: Attach ka naman ng video para ma -stream ko din, now that i know the meaning behind it. 😊

K4M4t4Y4N - 666

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Royal Wisdom
Enormous Fortune
Good Luck
Divine Faith
Space Stone
Reality Stone
Time Stone
Power Stone
Soul Stone
Mind Stone
Spoliarium Para sakin sabi nila urban legend di umano ito pero ang pag kaka alam ko isang inuman to kina agot sa condo nya na dating ex ni ely. Na nakasama sa inuman ang rodie tect ng eheads na sina joey at enteng.



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Will never get tired of listening to this song
Every time naririnig ko sya, feeling ko talaga nasa time machine ako
Tapos nareminisce ko lahat ng taong naging part ng buhay ko
And naiisip ko, sobrang daming tao "who used to be part of my daily life"
na wala na akong balita, kamusta na kaya sila. I hope they're doing well.
I love those beautiful memories, but I dare not reconnect with them.
I've become different, they've become different people too.
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