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Men have emotions but chooses not to show it because...


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Medicine nowadays considers suppressing emotions as unhealthy. It causes numerous physiological and psychological diseases.

This have also become an issue with women because men tend to be emotionally unavailable at worst or unable to show or communicate their feelings for worse.

But why do men suppress their feelings? Is it because they fear to be called weaklings? Emotional? Needy? Well to the female readers partly the answer is yes. But the the Real answer is much more complicated than that.
For me, it's nothing masculine, being brave, or showing toughness.
Men, more than women, have the capacity to suffer in silence.
hindi naman bato mga lalake - they are as vulnerable as women are to pain, frustration and rejection. it's just that they are not readily able to see the emotional side of things and mas mataas siguro threshold nila emotionally.
sa tingin ko, they choose to reveal their emotions to a selected few.

babae man o lalake, umiiyak pa rin 'yan sa 'loob'.
nagkakaiba na lang sa manifestation o sa exterior. mas mababaw luha ng mga babae.
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....because our culture taught us that way.

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...minsan may mga sitwasyon na nakaka P.I. talaga... mas pinipilin na lang namin na hindi mag bigay ng emosyon dahil madalas ng nakakakita sasabihin nilang O.A. or may masasabi at masasabi pa rin kahit tumahimik ka... Pero madalas kapag tumahimik ka, sinasabi nilang wala kang paki-alam pero kapag nag salita ka naman, pilosopo or sumasabat pa... We choose to be silent to find peace... Para hindi kami makapagsalita ng masakit or makasakit... Kami yung tipong kalmado lang lagi...
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