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Meron bang third-party router na nakakapag-bypass ng wireless internet speed limitation ng lumang Huawei modem ng Converge?


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So, matagal na kaming subscriber ng Converge at ever since hindi pa napalitan yung modem na binigay sa amin. Dahil lumang model siya, hindi siya Wi-Fi 6. Kung hindi Wi-Fi 5, Wi-Fi 4 lang ito, since lumang-luma na talaga ito.

Ang issue, however, ay limited yung download speed niya pag wireless ang connectivity to 300 Mbps dahil constrained lang din sa 2.4 Mhz yung bandwidth wavelength. Noong 2021, bumili ako ng AX1800 router ng TP-Link para ma-maximize yung internet speed. So far, effective naman siya pag connected via LAN dahil talagang naaabot yung max speed (up to 900 Mbps as of recent upgrade, pag FiberX 2500). Pero pag wireless, limited pa rin yung download speed niya sa 300 Mbps.

Then, sinubukan ko sa ibang third-party router, yung Mi AX1800. Kahit 5 Mhz na yung wavelength, nasa 300 Mbps pa rin yung download speed niya, per Speedtest benchmark.

Note: Wi-Fi 6-capable yung laptop na ginagamit ko pang-benchmark ng internet speed via Speedtest o

Hindi ba talaga naba-bypass yung ganitong limitation ng old Huawei modem kahit patungan na ng third-party AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 router?
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