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NBA Discussion Thread - Analysis, Rumours, & Transactions

Okay lang yan, expected naman na may talo eh :lol: Ang importante yung adjustments na gagawin sa next game.
lakas ni Porzingis , ngayon lang yta sya pinaglaro sa playoffs?
Nakaisa! :lol:

dumepensa din sila sa wakas, previous games parang wala silang energy mag def haha :rofl:
Natapos din. Nakalamang na finally yung Celtics sa Lakers :lol:

di kinaya ng Mavs lakas talaga ng Boston :clap:

LeBron James and his son Bronny are now the first father-son duo ever to be in the NBA at the same time.

Pumirma na ba si Lebron dun sa bagong 3-year contract? :think:
The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly ready to offer a 3-year $162M contract, which would keep LeBron James on the team through the 2026-27 season. Bryce James is eligible to enter the NBA in 2026.

The Lakers just drafted Bronny James...imagine LeBron playing on the same team with not one, but TWO of his sons.

imagine LeBron kicking Bronny hahaha :rofl:
Imagine kung mabantayan ni PatBev yang si Bronny isang beses... Bibinyagan niya ng trashtalk yan :lol:

"You're only here because of your father! A fake king! He's not the GOAT!" :lol:

Ayos din yung isang nakuha ng Lakers ah, si Dalton Knecht. Bagay sa opensa nila yung playing style.
walang defensive playah ung lakers di katulad sa Boston magaling dumepensa
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