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NodePay Ai- Get paid for your internet usage


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Live Date: May 08, 2024 - Bagong-bago pa wag kana magpahuli.

What is Nodepay?
Nodepay is the network infrastructure that provides decentralized bandwidth for AI training. By connecting to the Nodepay Network, you will be able to sell your unused internet to AI companies, enabling the efficient transfer of public training data, labelling, model sharing and remote distributed training.

Why Nodepay?
Nodepay transforms your unused internet bandwidth into a valuable asset
Sell your unused internet
Earn constantly by being online
Refer friends & increase your income
Track your earnings

To Join:
1. Register using this link -->>
2. Download the NodePay Extension -->>
3. click on the installed chrome extension and log in using your newly created account.
4. Activate Nodepay
5. Transforms your unused internet bandwidth into a valuable asset

You can visit their website to learn more about nodepay
Website :
Twitter :

sample Dashboard:

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according to Nodepay Website:
Your rewards from Nodepay will be seamlessly credited to your account.
We are currently considering diverse payment options including cryptocurrencies, gift cards, and PayPal. Stay tuned for exciting updates!
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Hello mga ka symb.
Please po wag kalimutan i activate ang inyo browser extension to start earning po. thank you
pa try lods thanks done activate
nice. start earning points. later point can be converted to real money.
magipon muna tayo

will keep you updated po sa mga activities ng Nodepay.
feed back po sa mga nakapag install.
wala nmn effect sa mga activities ko online.
-Di bumabagal download speed
-Di pa nmn nahahack mga accounts ko
-Normal na same as before
Hmm, will try this out. Similar to Honeygain sana di ganun kabagal maabot if merong threshold amount to payout. Thanks boss.
Hmm, will try this out. Similar to Honeygain sana di ganun kabagal maabot if merong threshold amount to payout. Thanks boss.
welcome bro. please don't forgot to activate your account by using installing chrome extension, to transforms your unused internet bandwidth into a valuable asset
wag nang magpahuli mga ka symb. turn your unused internet bandwidth into a valuable asset through Nodepay!
dont forget your daily task mga ka symb.

up up
Pang pc lang ba ito. Bka my pang cp
So far, pang PC plang siya boss.
Will keep you posted boss as soon as meron ng update regarding cp for node ai
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ano balita dito? legit ba?
mga updates parin po ng system or browser extension

according to node ai discord announcement:
A major backend upgrade is scheduled from July 2nd to July 7th. Please expect occasional disconnections, missing/lower earning rate, dashboard issues, or difficulties with the forgot password feature during this time.
Following the upgrade, a new version of the browser extension will be available. This upgrade marks a significant step as we migrate the network to a more reliable and scalable host for this phase of the project.We have problems for quite some time , we know.Missing points for the past few weeks , not earning etc. Let us all remain positive and let devs solve with this upgrade.In the meantime, ⁠polls , we need your input to bring the product to next level!Update on 05/07/2024 1150hrs GMT+8:Dashboard update is in progress now.Access should resume in 30-60mins.New version of extension is in review now by google.Update on 06/07/2024 1147hrs GMT+8⁠🔗-links browser version 2.2.3 was approved by google.Maintenance has concluded.
helllo guys. Reminded.
Don't forget to claim your compensation voucher of 5000 nodepay point.
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