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ONE PIECE Discussion Thread


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Chapter 1079: The Red-Haired Yonko Pirates.
The Germa's Journey cover story ends and we're back to fan requests.

York learns that the World Government has betrayed her, so she orders the Seraphim to kill everyone except the main body of Vegabank.

-Near EggHead Island, we see a ship with the Blackbeard Pirates' flag on it.

The scene shifts to Elbaf.

In short, Kid vs. Shanks.
Shanks uses"Kamusari" and ends Kidd.
Dory and Brogy destroy Kid's ship.
-Kid's crew submits and delivers copies of the Poneglyph.
-At the end of the chapter, we have the narrator's box and in short, "The Kid Pirates Are Exterminated".
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