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Promote ko lng ung bagong Flyff server nmin ~ Infinity Flyff v18


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Looking for A Cool Flyff Private Server with many custom features?
This might your looking for..
We are also Looking for a Gamemaster? Want to Apply ? Come And Join us..

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Infinity Flyff V18
Low Rate 10x,10x,20x

Started on (March 9, 2017)

Server Features

► Lvl 150 Max
► No Overpowered Donates
► Balance PvP
► /awa Command (400k Penya per Command)
► Item Rare (Chance to Drop items with rare,epic and godly stats)
► CS Dropable on monster lvl 20 to 150
► lvl 30 to 60 armor and Weapons on Shop
► Fashion Combine
► Player name color
► Guild Buff (Need lvl 20 guild and up to buff)
► Pet filter
► Quick Teleport
► 4x GuildSiege per Day (10rc per kill)
► Custom PvP Match
► Upgrade Piece Card Chance
► Wiki Items
► Item Link on chat
► Dungeon Cooldown Info
► Model Change
► Every Day Event
► And Many More To Come.. !!

Come And Join Us

Fb Group:

#flyff #officialflyff #flyforfun #v18 #infinityflyff
#international #flyffph
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