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[Read Me] Computer Support thread starters/posters

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This thread is intended to all posters and/or thread starters in the Computer Support forum. Please read. :thanks:

# 1. When asking for help, indicate specific thread title (nasa forum guidelines naman natin yun diba?) and put a [HELP] marker before your thread title. This also applies if the thread you are starting is a [TUTORIAL] or [TIPS].

[HELP] My PC won't boot but I can enter My Desktop. What will I do?
# 2. When asking for [HELP], indicate specific problem/s. DO NOT PANIC! It will only cause you (and our CS team) more trouble. State your PC problems as clear as possible. In this way, we will understand each other better. Please include ALL necessary details needed to analyze your problem. This includes hardware/software specs and the like. If possible, include a time-line so that our CS team may understand much better what went wrong and where. UPDATED**

Now, if you couldn't describe what actually happened to your PC, Download and Install HiJackThis... Just Click INSTALL then Accept the EULA... After that, Click DO A SYSTEM SCAN AND SAVE A LOGFILE... Then attached that log file to your POST so that we can Evaluate and Interpret your Problem... Then if you could provide the Item No 4, would be better....

# 3. For posters, please be specific in your questions. Read previous posts to avoid asking questions already answered. Avoid posting unnecessary replies and stupid non-sense questions.

[HELP] I want to share my smartbro connection between my laptop and my pc. What will I do?

Reply: I am using my mobile phone to connect my laptop to the internet.

# 4. A graphic representation of the problem is the best way to analyze the problem. A picture paints a thousand words.

# 5. For posters, if possible, indicate a step-by-step solution to the problem. If you saw the solution in another website, please include a link. (Refer to forum guidelines)

# 6. Stick to the problem of the thread starter. Go start your own thread if you have your own problem. If you don't know anything about the problem or the solution to the problem, please be :quiet:

# 7. A helping hand is always appreciated. Don't be shy to share your talents in being Techie.

# 8. For those posting [TUTORIALS] or [TIPS], if you got your [TUTORIALS] or [TIPS] from another website, please don't forget to credit the site. Plagiarism is a crime.

# 9. Not all thread readers know the technical terms. If possible, please don't speak Alien. And if you do, please indicate the meaning or whatever.

# 10. Lastly, it doesn't hurt to press THANKS.



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