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Samsung Health Monitor - WearOS - - Root, Age, Country & Device Restriction Removed


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This will be a guide to install Samsung Health Monitor for Galaxy Watch 4 to Enable ECG & BP measurements for those restricted due to Root Age Country


Steps on Installing Via ADB:

Note: Skip this step if you have ADB already!

Let's start by installing ADB by simply downloading and extracting "" from my Drive,
and installing it on the C Drive as "C:\adb", make the path short. now Copy the "Watch4.SHM.MOD.X.X.X.XXX.apk" into the ADB folder...

***** STEP TWO: Preparing ADB Environment *******

You can use either CMD or PowerShell...

1. Hold down the "window logo + R" to bring up the run window and type "cmd" or "PowerShell" depending on what you like and hit enter...
2. On the Terminal, type "cd C:\adb"...

Or you can go to where adb is installed, hold down SHIFT and right click on empty space,
hit "Open XXXX Window here" where XXXX is PowerShell or Command Prompt depending on your Settings...

PC is ready...

** STEP THREE: Preparing Watch4 for ADB Connection **

1. Disconnect the Bluetooth (optional) and connect the watch to the same network of your PC/Laptop...
2. Go to config -> about -> tap the software version until it says "Developer mode turned on"...
3. Go back to the config menu and you should see developer options above the about, tap it...
4. Enable ADB and ADB Wi-Fi, write down the IP that you see under ADB Wi-Fi...
(if you do not see it, go back to connections then wifi and then the wi-fi you are connected to,
there should be an IP below it, if not, go back to developer options and check ADB Wi-Fi)...

Watch is Ready...

** STEP FOUR: Replacing Original SHM with MOD SHM **

I will write the commands as CMD,
if you are using PowerShell, add ".\" before every command,
for example ".\adb kill-server", ".\adb start-server", etc...

1. start the ADB Server by killing it first to be safe no adb instance is running:
adb kill-server
then type:
adb start-server

* daemon not running; starting now at tcp:port
* daemon started successfully

2. Connect to the watch, replace IP with the number you got from the Watch4, type:
adb connect IP

On your watch, allow the connection from the computer...
connected to IP:pORT

3. OPTIONAL STEP: if you have original SHM on the watch and want to uninstall it, do the following:
adb shell
then type
pm uninstall -k --user 0
finally type:

4. Install MOD SHM, type:
adb -s IP install Watch4.SHM.MOD.X.X.X.XXX.apk

Performing Streamed Install

5. Disconnect from ADB:
adb disconnect

disconnected everything

Files Required:
Samsung Health Monitor Watch APK
Samsung Health Monitor Phone APK
ADB Fast Boot

Remember to TURN OFF ADB DEBUG after the process!!

Note: You can also use the same adb commands/steps to sideload apks to the Watch.