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Sharing my Idle RPG Based. * Ikaw, anong Idle RPG Game mo?


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Kamusta mga lods! Share ko lang tong Idle mobile games na pwede din sa desktop/laptop na current na nilalaro ko. Most nang meron dito sa list ay idle role-play game based.

As F2P, farm, grind at be active sa pag claim ng rewards daily. Important special events hwag nyong skip.
Tap tap Universe (mobile/bluestack) - Almost 500K BP/CP
Dragon Village Arena (mobile/bluestack) - may 1 Mythic dragon na [Ign-Haze Guild-Legion] :approve:
Dragon Village New (mobile/bluestack) - on going
Divinity Arrival (mobile/bluestack) - na reach ko na din yung 11M Battle Power/Combat Power. [Ign-War Liam : Server-105 : Guild-Paradise] :approve:
Idle GOG (mobile/bluestack) - new at kaka-start plang, masasabi kong maganda din ang game na to.

May idle farm pero limited time lamang.
Ni no Kuni: Cross World (mobile/may simulator)
Valiant Force 2 (mobile/bluestack) - new at kaka-start plang

Alam nyo naman sa Idle games pwede ka agad mag-switch from one game to another gawa nang kung walang special event basta matapos mo daily rewards lipat ka na agad. :yes:

Idle GOG
Dragon Village Arena
Divinity Arrival
Dragon Village New

Share mo din game mo dito lods! :yes: :lol:
Sa mga gustong mag-start sa Divinity Arrival

Gift Code: WelcomeToDAIns
Gift Code: DA20230310DC

1. Dafree10
2. Welcometodafb or DANOW222
3. WelcomeToDADiscord
sa akin valkyrie idle lang nilalaro ko tapos wala na
  • Whiteout Survival
    nagustohan ko ito maganda pla
Check mo din lods ang Souls malamang magustuhan mo.
Guild namin TRIBO, TRIIBO, TRIIIBO kapag interested ka message ka lang dito. :hat:
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