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Symbianize Item Shop

Item Shop is a simple way of recognizing our members who've made contributions through donations or overall forum activity. There are 2 types of items being sold on the item shop, Bit items and Star items, which can be purchased using Bits and Stars respectively.

Star Items (For Privileged and Distinguished Groups only)
These items unlocks additional options to further customize our account and forum activity. When someone is promoted to Star Member or increased their star level, they will be rewarded with Stars. Same with Prime and Diamond Members, they will receive Stars twice the donated amount.​


Bit Items (For Everyone)
Charms - reward yourself with these collectible tokens. If you think your miniprofile looks a little dull, these charms will add some life to it. As an added bonus, every purchase of charm also grants you trophy points.​
Infinity Stones - reward others by sending them these virtual gifts. Sometimes a like or a heart is simply not enough to show our appreciation to someone and that's where these precious stones comes in. The receiver of these items may either choose to keep it as souvenir, or sell it back to the item shop to earn extra Bits. More details about these items can be found in the succeeding posts below.​




Earning Bits

Forum Activity (Not applicable to Basic Members)
  • Create interesting posts - you gain 1-3 Bits for every reaction your post* gets
  • Explore the forums daily - visit 5 different threads* started by other members daily, you gain 1-2 Bits for every thread you visit, that's 5-10 Bits total everyday
  • Celebrate your birthday with us - if you login on the day of your birthday you will receive 300 Bits, go to Account Details page to enter your birthday if you haven't done so already. Once your birthday is set, whether right or wrong, it cannot be changed.
*Posts and threads from General Chat don't count, likes and visits from that forum won't reward you with Bits.

Receiving Gifts
Virtual gifts will be added later on the Item Shop. Anyone can send us gift and when we receive it we have an option to sell it back to the Item Shop. We gain Bits for selling gifts back to the Item Shop.​
Currency Transfer
Stars can be exchanged for Bits. You will receive 5 Bits for every 1 Star. So if you're transferring 150 Stars you will receive 750 Bits. Just follow the steps below.​


Bits don't expire but we can only earn maximum of 10,000 Bits. More than that will not be credited to our account.​
So make sure when converting your Stars to Bits, your total Bits after transfer must not exceed 10,000.​
You need to spend your Bits so you could earn more. Stars don't expire and has no maximum limit.
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Currency exchange adjustment.
From 10 bits per star to 5 bits per star.
You will receive 5 Bits for every 1 Star. So if you're transferring 100 Stars you will now receive 500 Bits.​

Charms price and trophy adjustment. From 900bits and 15 trophy points per charm to 600bits and 10 trophy points per charm.
Members who've managed to collect all 10 charms are compensated with 50 trophy points. Member with less than 10 charms are compensated with corresponding bits.​

Added Infinity Stones items. Collect all 6 (Power, Soul, Mind, Reality, Time, and Space) and be rewarded with Infinity Charm trophy.
Infinity Stones and Raw Stones can only be gifted to another member. Send it to someone to show your appreciation. Three of the stones are exclusive to certain group members. The Time Stone (green) is exclusive to Star Members so you could only receive Time Stones from Star Members. Reality Stone (red) is exclusive to Diamond Members. Space Stone (blue) is exclusive to Staff Members.​
When you receive an Infinity Stone from another member, you may choose to keep it or sell it back to Item Shop. If you decide to keep it, the Infinity Stone will be displayed on your mini-profile similar to Charms. If you're able to collect all 6 and display them on your mini-profile you will automatically receive the Infinity Charm trophy. Once you've received the trophy, you may sell-back all 6 Infinity Stones to get a chance to receive more. Infinity Stones are unique items. We can only own one type at a time. So that means other members wont be able to gift you a Reality Stone if you already have one in your inventory (or cart). Raw Stones are different, they are not unique so members could gift us Raw Stones even if we already own one or more. But the sell-back value of Raw Stones are lower compared to Infinity Stones and they wont appear on our mini-profile. You may check the item description for the sell-back value of each stones.​


  • Added Rocket Boost item
Allows you to receive new reply or PM and browse through pages instantly. It will also enable the green border around the avatars to indicate members currently active in the thread. More options can be found in Preference page including sound notification, sticky reply box and members currently typing in a thread you're viewing.​
  • Added Megaphone item
Allows you to back read all the shouts. A handy tool if you do not want to miss any mention or past conversation. Item also shows the members recently active in the shoutbox and lets you shout consecutively without waiting.​
We feel higher level Star Members don't get much love as far as exclusive items are concern so we've added some. More will be added later.

  • Phonebook
Allows you to increase the number of members you could add in a conversation.​
  • Open Book
Displays the total number and list of members currently viewing the thread in the last hour.​
  • Close Book
Displays the total number and list of members who've read the thread.​
  • Sheriff Badge
Regardless of member's privacy restriction settings, you could still see their online status,​
view their profile page, post message on their profile page, receive their news feed if you​
follow them, or start a conversation with them.​


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