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Symbianize January Sweetheart of the Month - Voting Thread Thread

Who is your January Sweetheart of the Month

  • Elyzzel

    Votes: 106 62.0%
  • Kissie Shin

    Votes: 73 42.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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You drive me crazy.
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Symbianize January Sweetheart of the Month
Voting Thread
Symbianize Heartthrob and Sweetheart Monthly Contest 3.0

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Paano Bumoto?
1. Bumoto lamang ng isang nominado
2. Mga usapan sa pagboto lamang ang maaring ipost dito. Ang mga spam ay papatawan ng INFRACTION
3. Spam's and off-topic are higly prohibited in this thread

Hanggang kailang ang botohan?
Ang botohan ay matatapos sa January 31, 2023.

Kapag pinalad kang manalo, narito ang iyong mga premyo:
1. Choice of 3000 Bits or 600 Stars
2. Exclusive Display Trophy worth 75 points
3. Exclusive Username Logo (heart icon)
4. Exclusive Username Color (orange neon light)
5. Exclusive Display Item (heart medal, animated)
6. 3-Month Prime Membership (for winners who don't have access to Star items)

And here are your nominees:



kissie shin


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