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Up To 250 Trophy Pts Up For Grabs - Holiday Cheers Event

Symbianize is spreading Holiday Cheers this month as we celebrate our first holiday season since returning from slumber! :clap:

Get a chance to receive 50-250 trophy points. All you need to do is login everyday for the next 30 days (event duration) and redeem
a code. Each redemption is worth 100 Cheers. Cheers can be used to purchase Ornaments and other Cheer items from the Item Shop.

If you've managed to redeem 100 Cheers everyday for 30 days you will end up with a total of 3000 Cheers which is enough to purchase
all 5 Ornaments items which cost 600 Cheers apiece. These items grant trophy points or Bits. And in case you didn't know yet,
Bits can be used to purchase Charm items which in return grant trophy points as well.


Santa Claus Ornament - if you own this item and sell it back to the item shop from your inventory you will receive 3000 Bits*
Rudolf Ornament - if you own this item and sell it back to the item shop from your inventory you will receive 3000 Bits*
Snowman Ornament - if you own this item you will receive 50 trophy points outright
Christmas Elf Ornament - if you own this item you will receive 50 trophy points outright (available only to Star Members**)
Gingerbread Man Ornament - if you own this item you will receive 50 trophy points outright (available only to Diamond Members**)

* 3000 Bits are enough to buy 5 different Charms which will give you a total of 50 trophy points. You will still keep the trophy received
from an ornament item even if you sell it back to the Item Shop. But you need to receive the trophy first before selling it back​
or you won't receive the trophy anymore. It usually takes up to 40 minutes to receive the trophy.​
** Staff and Master groups are exempted from the user group restrictions.

We understand that some Ornaments are not applicable or have less value to some members so we've added some customization items too.
These items only last for 7 days but they are cheap and you could repurchase them as soon as they expire. We want it to be a surprise so
there's no screenshot or preview provided for new items introduced in this event.

Holiday Cheers Trophies

You will receive these exclusive (soon-to-be rare) trophies when you acquire their corresponding Ornaments above. You will be notified when
you receive a trophy. It usually takes up to 40 minutes for the system to automatically send out the trophy after purchasing the Ornament.

event trophy.jpg


Redeeming The Code

Here is the code needed... symbxmas2022 This old code is no longer valid. Updated code can be found on the second post of this thread.

Code is case-sensitive so make sure you use lowercase letters only. Input the code on Redeem page to get 100 Cheers instantly.
You might need to refresh the page to see your updated balance. If you need help finding the Redeem page please watch the short video below.

View attachment 2022-12-06_23-20-45.mp4

Bonus Cheers

If you can't wait for the coming days or you've missed a day, you could still get more Cheers by participating in the forums.
You'll receive Cheers by replying to any thread (started by you or others). Each reply is worth 25 Cheers. It must be a sensible
post with at least 50 characters. Spamming, off-topic and other unwanted posts will not be tolerated. General Chat, Adult Zone,
Crypto & Marketing, Embedded Online Videos, Contests & Awards, Collection and Request forums are excluded from this event.
Starting a thread on most forums will reward you with 50 Cheers. The post (first post) should have at least 160 characters.

You'll get bonus Cheers as well from your donation to Symbianize. If you're planning to make a contribution to help with the
operating expenses of the site, now might be the best time to do it. Aside from getting the usual Stars, you will also receive
Cheers equal to half of the donated amount. Say you donated P100, you will then receive 50 Cheers and 200 Stars.


We'd like everyone to enjoy this event up to the last day so we've set a limit on the maximum amount of Cheers earned from posting.
The limit should also deter someone from abusing the event by spamming the forums. So since it's a 30-day event, we've divided it
into 5 timespans. You could only earn up to of 900 Cheers every 6 days. 600 from code redemptions, 200 from replying to a thread,
and 100 from starting a thread. Do not confuse it with balance, there is no limit on the total or remaining balance we have.

This event is not applicable to Basic Members. But don't worry, if you've been around for more than a month and you only need the
post count requirement, just proceed to General Chat and you'll hit that 20 posts in no time.

Cheers is created solely for this event and will be removed from your account after the event ends on January 05. 2023 23:59 PHT.

Enjoy the holidays everyone! We wish you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! :celebrate:

For feedback or inquiries regarding this bulletin, please follow the link below...


12.07.2022 19:52 Update:
Cheers earned from donations no longer bound by the 6-day limit.
Replies from collection forums no longer reward Cheers.
Creating a thread on most forums now reward Cheers.

12.08.2022 15:12 Update:
Fixed the purchase bugs.
Revised the maximum earned limit.

12.11.2022 08:45 Update:
Revised the code redemption.
Added preview of the trophies.
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Starting today (Day 5 of the event), we can now redeem the code any time of the day. We don't need to wait whole 24 hours anymore to redeem the next code.
But by doing so, a single redemption code is no longer possible. We need to input different code each day. Below is the list of codes needed for each day.

05December 11, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas11
06December 12, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas12
07December 13, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas13
08December 14, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas14
09December 15, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas15
10December 16, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas16
11December 17, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas17
12December 18, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas18
13December 19, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas19
14December 20, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas20
15December 21, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas21
16December 22, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas22
17December 23, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas23
18December 24, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas24
19December 25, 2022350 Cheerssymbxmas25
20December 26, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas26
21December 27, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas27
22December 28, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas28
23December 29, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas29
24December 30, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas30
25December 31, 2022100 Cheerssymbxmas31
26January 1, 2023350 Cheerssymbxmas1
27January 2, 2023100 Cheerssymbxmas2
28January 3, 2023100 Cheerssymbxmas3
29January 4, 2023100 Cheerssymbxmas4
30January 5, 2023100 Cheerssymbxmas5

The redemption code is actually easy to remember, it's basically symbxmas + the date.
A code will only work on its specified date of redemption. Code is not valid on a different date.
We've also added bonus Cheers when redeeming the code on Christmas day and New Year's day.


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'Tis the season of giving and sharing so we've updated the customization items (non-Ornament) to be giftable.
You may send an item with optional message to anyone including Basic Members.

To buy someone a gift, click the box next to "This item is a gift" when adding the item to cart.

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