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Others Weary Soul

The day had been long and tiring, but sleep seemed to elude me. I tossed and turned in my bed for hours, yet no matter how hard I tried, the sandman refused to come. My eyes felt heavy with exhaustion as I stared at the ceiling above me; a reminder of all that was lost during this sleepless night.

My thoughts raced through my mind like an out-of-control train - never stopping or slowing down. No matter what distraction I attempted, nothing could keep them from running wild until morning came again.

I knew that lack of rest would take its toll on me eventually; it was only a matter of time before fatigue set in and made life even more difficult than it already was. But still, there were moments when hope shone through the darkness - moments where I believed that maybe tonight would be different...that perhaps finally some peace might find its way into my weary soul.

Confused Mental Health GIF by Lisa Vertudaches
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