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What food do you consider as your comfort food?

Isa sa mga comfort food ko lalo na pag naulan is champurado with tuyo! pag walang tuyo auto pass :lmao: madalas nilalagyan ko ren ng gatas yun champurado e pamdagdag sarap naren.

Mc cafe and burger and fries.

Pag toxic sa work, feeling blue, short ride with my motorcycle patungong kabilang bayan, kahit solo yan ginagawa ko.. caffeine makes me calm and nakakapatulog. Hahaha

Di ba all in, comfort food with short ride.
Eto talaga para sakin.. tanggal stress at feel like heaven.. samahan pa ng malamig na Coke at mainit at malutong na Jolly Fries.. Sarap talaga..

LuckyME Beef/Chicken noodles na may kanin.
Kahit ano basta masarap:thumbsup:
Iced tea, iced coffie, hotdog sandwich na may cheese and condiments hehe, burger na may bacon and many more:eat:. Kaso nakakataba:unsure:
Century Tuna with Raw Onions
Yung chocolate bar na 3 Musketeers or Milky Way.

Jollibee Yumburger... lalo kung with cheese.

My Mom's porksteak.
as of now, baked sushi tsaka triple chocolate cake ng RR

pero ultimate comfort food pa rin yung lasagne na very slightly sweet, with bechamel sauce and lots of cheese..
Fries ng Potato corner, McDonalds Shake shake fries barbecue at Coffee float
Super spicy ramen
Bicol Express! din
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