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Cisco CUCM Training ( Install Configure Maintain ) CLCOR SIP

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MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz | Language: English | Size: 2.07 GB | Duration: 5h 49m

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Training Course For CCNA CCNP CCIE Collaboration Network Eng CUCM CLCOR CLTECH SIP

What you'll learn

-You will learn how to implement certain topics on Cisco CUCM ( Cisco Unified Communications Manager )
-You will get better at your job which involves Cisco Unified Communications devices.

-You will be able to analyze and troubleshoot problems with your Cisco Unified Communications devices.
-You will have great understanding for your daily profession.
Some basic networking and Collaboration experience.
Welcome to The Course Cisco CUCM Training ( How To Install Configure Maintain ) for your CLCOR studies
With the help of this course, you will be able to get all necessary information to be the best in Cisco CUCM .
You will learn theory behind each topic and then see how they are configured on real devices.
CH01-V01 Virtual Machine Settings For CUCM Installation
CH01-V02 CUCM Installation
CH01-V03 Activating CUCM Services
CH02-V01 CUCM Overview
CH02-V02 CUCM Menus
CH02-V03 CUCM Administration Interface
CH02-V04 CUCM Serviceability Menu
CH02-V05 CUCM Operating System Administration
CH02-V06 Disaster Recovery System
CH02-V07 Cisco Unified Reporting
CH03-V01 User Types and Privileges with Roles
CH03-V02 User Features (Types, Passwords, Device Association, Information )
CH03-V03 Different User Management Options
CH03-V04 LDAP Synchronization
CH03-V05 LDAP Authentication
CH03-V06 LDAP Custom Filter
CH04-V01 CUCM Media Streams
CH04-V02 CUCM CoS Overview
CH04-V03 Partitions and CSS
CH04-V04 Lab Creating Partitions and CSS on CUCM
CH04-V05 CUCM Call Routing with Lab
CH04-V06 Route Groups Route Lists and Route Patterns
CH04-V07 Hunt Groups
CH04-V08 Regions and Device Pools
CH05-V01 IP Phone Registration Overview
CH05-V02 IP Phone Registration Process
CH05-V03 SIP IP Phone Registration Process
CH05-V04 IP Phone Configuration Elements and Different Methods
CH05-V05 Autoregistration
CH05-V06 Manual IP Phone Configuration
CH05-V07 Bulk Administration Tool
CH05-V08 Selfprovisioning
CH06-V01 Lab Call Pickup Group
CH06-V02 Call Group Pickup Part 2 and Phone Button Template
CH06-V03 Call Park
CH06-V04 Intercom
CH06-V05 Speed Dial BLF
CH06-V06 Enable Mobility on CUCM
CH06-V07 Schedule Mobility on CUCM
CH06-V08 CDR Reports
Who this course is for
I designed this course for you, the one with some or none Cisco Unified Communications knowledge and a great deal of curiosity for the Collaboration world. You may also be the one who operates Collaboration devices but you want to know more to get better at your job in configuring, installing, operating, troubleshooting and maintaining Cisco Unified Communications Manager.!AgCk-mAIEphvMEo7...K9pXgkh76L2eKVTY3fYhwK6MU26_0HVt3o3XBdREGjj0A
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