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Earn Magma Points to get Lava Airdrop when Mainnet Launch!!!


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If you missed Celestia, Dymension, and even the Smart Layer Airdrops Opportunities, then DON'T MISS this one!
Think of Lava as the third part of the modular stack on top of Celestia and Dymension. We connect apps and users to all rollups.

Screenshot (753).png

Here's the guide with screenshots!
1. Register HERE! If asking for code, use A2DIJ
2. Connect your Metamask Wallet, Discord, and X (Twitter) Account!

Screenshot (763).png

3. Go to your Dashboard and select your desired network! In my case, I use EVMOS since I am an Evmos user.
Screenshot (764).png

4. Copy the RPC, either Testnet or Mainnet and paste it to your Metamask wallet RPC and save. Open your Metamask wallet and follow the screenshot below.
Screenshot (762).png

And that's it! You can now interact on any DeFi to earn points! You can earn points using testnet and mainnet, pero mas malaki ang bigayan ng points kung gamit mo is mainnet based on my experience.
Note, that the points are updated weekly, every Thursday! At ngayon yung First week of points distribution, ito na points ko as of now!

Screenshot (761).png

Enjoy grinding ka-SB! Wag nyong palagpasin ito! :thumbsup:
Pwede pang humabol dito before their mainnet Q1-Q2 2024.
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