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Project Bigger than Arkham. Possible Big Reward


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🎁 Nansen 2 Early Access Waitlist is live!

Nansen is a tool similar to Arkham.
Remember Arkham, wherein their early supporters happily acquired and earned up to 6 digits on their portfolios?
Arkham funded $12M USD on their launch.
Meanwhile, Nansen has funds of $88M USD, indeed bigger than Arkham, this could be it. Let us hope.

🍥 Guide:
1. Open:
2. Submit email address.
3. Verify link.
Done ✔

Easy Task ? Eh? Yeah, the same with Arkham, and yet, it rewarded thousands of dollars. Nansen might do it too. So let's goooo!

Put ur email verified email and wallet here :

Note that no token or airdrop is confirmed, but we never know.

Follow step
See photos for reference.


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paano ba nagwwowork lods.. nak join nako.. ndi kasi makita referral pts neto... ung sa smart layer sir ano tingin mo dun....
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