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Quality Assurance (QA) and Business Analyst (BA)


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Hello mga ka-symb :) Meron ba sainyo rito isang QA o BA?

Currently learning kasi ako as QA, specifically web application tester. Nanonood lang ako ng mya Youtube videos (recorded webinars, vlogs, presentations and etc.).

So, self-study lang talaga ako online. Gusto ko ito maging stepping stone as my first career online kahit di ko natapos yung bachelor degree ko na IT.

Kung meron man mga katulad ko rito na aspiring, welcome kayo rito. Magtulongan tayo.

At sana yung may mga karanasan na ay matulungan din kami. Baka meron kayong suggestions/recommendations gaya ng websites to visit, online courses to take, ebooks for additonal resources, guides and etc.

Thank you so much.
Self-taught QA here. IT Graduate din. Former full-stack developer. Pero mas pinili maging QA kasi chill lang. Current position ko is Test Automation Engineer (TAE).

Eto po gamitin nyong guide for learning. QA Roadmap

PS. Gumagawa din po ako ng capstone projects :)
Sa mga aspiring QAs, AI testing and development seems to be leaning towards AI na in coming years so advise ko is better learn it as early as now.
Kaso problem is ung resources, meron ba kayong alam na source for this?
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