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What is Supra?
We're a team of blockchain experts, cryptography researchers, and Web3 enthusiasts on a mission to make blockchain better—faster, more secure, cheaper, and more accessible.

Our game-changing innovations radically enhance the security and speed of blockchain oracles with cutting-edge security guarantees via novel consensus mechanisms, highly liquid cross-chain interoperability, and a brisk 2-3 seconds to finality. Supra helps developers access the off-chain and cross-chain data they need, bringing their protocols as close as possible to the data faucet.

After 5+ years and thousands of hours of academic research and development, countless simulations, and technical breakthroughs, we're coming out of stealth mode to solve the Oracle Dilemma and supercharge a better, decentralized future.

Who can join countdown to blast off?
Countdown to Blast Off is a global safe space for learning and fun for the Supra tribe across the world.

Everyone’s welcome to join in barring age and a few geographic restrictions. You can become a Cadet here if you’re 18 years of age or above and located in and a resident of an unrestricted, uncapped country — please find more details about the countries below. In short, this helps ensure legal safety and decentralization of the community.

If you qualify for these criteria, you can join in by simply signing up, verifying your identity, and completing a quick onboarding where we’ll give you a guided tour of how you can participate to earn $SURPA or win different prizes. That’s about it!

Do I need to complete KYC? In short, yes. KYC is simply a standard identity verification process, required for legal and compliance purposes while dealing with financial assets (like $SUPRA tokens rewards). This also filters out bad actors, prevents Sybil attacks, and helps keep the tribe safe and secure.

What is the value of Supra token?
Value is in the eye of the beholder. We cannot and do not claim that $SUPRA tokens hold any inherent worth. However, we do know that $SUPRA tokens will play a central role across Supra’s cross-chain solutions and have a limited supply. For example, they’ll be required for staking to operate a node on the Supra network, and accessing Supra’s solutions like oracles, VRF, and other services will involve $SUPRA tokens.

For more detailed information, please explore the $SUPRA token utility document which shares the planned use cases for the token along with an expanded outline of Supra’s vision. But remember Cadet, the Countdown to Blast Off platform is intended for fun and learning only. Be sure to have fun out there!

When will Supra token have the public sale? The date of the Public Token Offering is yet to be announced. However, Supra’s team is continuously working to build better tech for the blockchain ecosystem and ramping toward launching key solutions. The token is a part of these launches and releases, and we should get to know more about it soon.

Link: Airdrop
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