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Symbianize Index of Computer Tutorials, Tweaks, Tips and Tricks

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This computer tutorial and tips & tricks are very useful. Thank you masters! :yipee:
Outdated na yung iba pero helpful pa rin.

Thanks TS. Pabookmark hehe..
Andami ko matututunan dito

hi guys, ginawa ko po ang thread na ito para macompile naten lahat ng computer tweaks, tutorials, tips, and tricks dito sa'ten sa symbianize,
para maging guide sa lahat ng symbianizer at para na rin maiwasan ang paulit-ulit na pagpopost ng magkakaparehong tutorial na may iisang nilalaman. :salute:

please post your computer tutorial, tweaks, tricks, and tips here.

when creating your tutorial please follow these simple guidelines::hat:

1. Search first to find out if a tutorial on a particular subject is available to write about. You can find out if your subject is available by using our search engine.

2. All information should be clear and concise with step by step instructions.

3. All information must be worded in such a way that a complete novice can understand it.

finally, post it here in this format:

Thread title:

Thread link:


ok let's start... :approve:


[no software needed] pampabilis ng mabagal na computer. [100% proven & tested]

let's improve your computer processing speed & reduce lag when playing games!

increase your internet speed [download, upload, browsing, and streaming]

kidlat bilis internet connection

23 ways to speed winxp, not only defrag

google tweaks to do cool stuff

+(hot)speed up your internet 100% tested and working,no software (hot)+


[tut] enable missing/ disabled windows features caused by a virus manually

[tut] install windows xp operating system in less than 15 minutes

[schedule shutdown] how to auto-shutdown your computer in a safe & easy way...

fixing corrupted files in windows xp, vista & windows seven

how to format a pc w/ pictures windows 7,xp,vista

tutorial on how to password protect microsoft word 2007 files

[tutorial] how to open office 2007 files into office 2003?

how to fix non responsive programs

how to update microsoft applications through a proxy server

tutorial on how to repair detectable but corrupt usb drives

[tut] repairing corrupted rar archives with recovery record

tutorial kung paano alisin ang flashy viruses sa usb flash drive at computer

make/remove partitions & make/fix/remove dual/multi boots

how to block websites without using any software?

tutorial on how to make mozilla firefox consume less memory

this tutorial is to make your windows startup faster [windows xp only]

[tutorial] how to remove fuvirus

how to unhide a folder/files from virus

access all the hidden themes in windows 7

make windows7 32-bit and 64-bit genuine

settings to make mouse left handed in windows

disable windows 7 splash screen: Make booting faster by few seconds

prevent someone from changing your computer's desktop wallpaper

boot usb from old bios to format your pc

informative guide in setting up local area network

how to install windows xp using a usb drive / flash drive the easiest way

backup your important data

mounting image files

how to speed up youtube buffering speed!

how to make batch program

how to hack windows xp admin password

exact partition for your hard disk

make/remove partitions & make/fix/remove dual/multi boots

paano mag mount ng .iso gamit ang alcohol 120%

guide on how to update windows hardware driver [for newbie

ip addressing guide + tweak computation

[microsoft] see if your pc can run windows 7. Try now!

[tut] how to lock a folder with a password without a software+batch file compiler

[tut] windows uses 20% of your bandwidth here's how to get it back

[tut] how to double firefox speed

[tut] how to make your own windows error box!!!

[tut] give your usb a background image!!!

[tut] make your computer talk

[tut] disguise your folder to look like recycle bin

[tut] speed up your internet the simplest way

[tut] get unlimited downloads from

[tut] save videos from myspace, googlevideo, ifilm, youtube,etc to avi format

[tut] customize internet explorer's title bar

[tut] copy text from secured pdf files

[tut]cool your laptop by undervoltage (save battery)

[tut] oc your monitor! Increase to a resolution higher than your monitor supports!

[tut] how to update antivirus offline

[tut] psu wattage calculator

download windows updates manually

[tut]recover some memory instantly

pc hardware online tutorials (video)

hack to force enable aero(transparency) in windows vista|7

[tut]prevent someone from changing wallpaper(winxp) even changing through internet

[tut]make desktop icon backgroud label transparent


[tut]you must read !!! Format your computer in less than 10 minutes

[tutorial] how to download torrents + more torrent sites


tips to improve your typing speed

top ten tips to improve computer system speed

[tips] how to prevent bad sectors in hard disks

how i protect my pc: A noob’s guide for fellow noobs

the top 20 ways to increase your laptop's battery life

how to know if your computer can handle the game you want

computer speed tut&tip mataas o mababa ang ram & cpu speed

google chrome useful shortcut keys

guide in buying a laptop

task manager tips & tricks - monitor & improve pc performance

tips on creating a secure password

computer repair & troubleshooting tips + some useful tweaks and tricks

winxp tips and tricks for faster performance

how to stay malware free!

make your windows super fast

tips for pc and laptop users

make your windows 7 fast and smooth

pc trouble shooting guide

[tips] graphics card/ video card ranking

7 ways to speed up windows 7 netbooks

trivia!!! Quick format vs. Full format..


make your windows welcome you with a custom voice message

[must see] the windows xp hidden secrets!!!

make your notepad write on its own

how to remove the arrow of the shortcut icon without using any software

how to make your computer say everything you type?

amazing mozilla firefox tricks

lumilindol yung mozilla firefox ko!!!

voice and video chat on facebook

10 most dangerous script to frank your friends

simple pc tricks you should know

simple way to hide your pc folders without really hiding it...

lock & superhide files/folders using the command prompt

[tut] facebook simple trick must read !

how to bypass url shorten advertisements

-credits to the author of each threads. :hat:

I will always update this thread everytime na may mag-submit ng bagong tutorial.
Boss pano to naiwan ko siya buhay tapos kinaumagahan pagbukas ko ganyan na di na natatapos sa tingin ko hard disk pero pano ba ifix to master thank you in advance


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guys, sinu po nakakaalam ng configuration ng hotspot sa mikrotik router? TIA po sa mga sasagot.:help:
maraming salamat dito marami akong natutunan at matututunan dahil dito...:praise::praise:
Re: Index of Computer Tutorials, Tweaks, Tips and Tricks

Good Day sir meron ka po bang TUT kung paano mag reformat sa android Cp using Pc.?
Pls Help naman Sir Thanks poh. .
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