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Team Hyperian Graphix [TUTORIALS]


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Hi Guys namin p-post ang aming mga tutorials para hindi sya makalat sa THG. you can ask questions and comments din po regarding sa photoshop at mga tutorials dito. thank you its our first time making tuts kya bear with the COMEDY , SPELLINGS, etc. ahihi...


paalala: if you want to chat with fellow artist pls go to the THG tread sa general forums zone para di makalat dito thanks po... keep posted..
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Re: Team Hyperian Graphix [TUTORIALS] by light

Hi here is my first tut for you making signatures using grunge
Matierals Needed:

1) Photoshop.

2) sampung mga daliri

3) Some descent custom grunge and fractal brushes. You can get these brushes from

and here it is guys.. hope you like it..


  • lights-grunge.png
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Re: Team Hyperian Graphix [TUTORIALS] by light

as promised here is the brushes i used..

to install just follow these steps.


(A) select the brush tool.

(B) at the top click the brush selection icon.

(C) at the selection window click the triangle icon sa gilid.

(D) now sa lalabas na window choose the Load Brushes... option

at hanapin ang kinaklalagyan ng file na brush. at ok..

now hanapin ang brush karaniwan nasa pinakailalim ng brush types un.

here nga pala ung mga ginamit ko sa sig na bago. (attatched)


  • grunge brushes.rar
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Re: Team Hyperian Graphix [TUTORIALS] by light

When making any Photoshop Design or Signature there are a few things you always wanna keep in mind. Please note that not ALL of these tips apply to every sig but A LOT of them.

1st - Always keep in mind text. Text is one of the hardest things to master. Just remember to keep it simple. Use Visitor -BRK- or Arial or something like that... nothing to extreme. Because text can ruin a signature.

2nd - Don't let the render be the main focus of a signature. Make it so that what ever you did shows up first. Because a signature is to show off what YOU can do. Not what a photographer can do.

3rd - Have a focial point. When someone first looks at the signature have them have some appealing show up first. That can make a signature alone look A LOT better.

4th - Make sure to keep a signature simple for the most part. Don't over do effects and use a bunch of filters for a signature. It can rune it very fast.

5th - Contrast is a very valuable tool. But DONT OVER USE IT. Having too much contrast in a sig runes it. Keep it pretty low for the most part.

6th - Make sure to properly blend a render. Although some renders dont need to be blended. When you blend an image, make sure that its equally blended in most areas. Don't blend to much in. Don't completely take out a face from a render so only the eyeball is left so your just looking at the eyeball with a big blur... but don't under use it... keep it so that you can still see the render but its nicely fades into the rest of the sig.

7th - Don't leave open gaps. Emptyness is bad. If you look at a job you did and see a big empty space with nothing to bring it out it will just look bad. And if you do have an empty spot, one good way to fill it in is put text by it.

8th - Size does matter. If you make a sig too big it runes seriousness. If you make it too small then its not very appealing. Keep the sig at a good size. Personally i use 400-150 for the most part. But dont be afriad to make it pretty small... just dont go too much under 350-200.

9th - Borders. Not all sigs need borders but some do. You should always check if your sig needs a border and how to border it. Sometimes it looks good to have a 1 px all around and a thick border on the top and a less thick but still thick border on the bottom... or a random line going down or across the sig to go with the border.

10th - Originality is key!
here's my very first sig tutorial..i dont know what to call it..
just check it out..

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ayos to... pag sinipag ako iisa-isahin ko tong mga tutes nyo...:giggle:
I'm keeping this page as a bookmark. Soon ill be good graphic artists like you guys! (I wish :punch:) Keep em coming! Thanks! :salute:
nagawa ko na ung grunge anu kaya susunod? pakaliskisan lng po s THG thread ung gawa ko...
nagawa ko na ung grunge anu kaya susunod? pakaliskisan lng po s THG thread ung gawa ko...

hyperian grapxer ka na din angel? congratz..
tambay ako dto para mag improve pko..:D

hyperian grapxer ka na din angel? congratz..
tambay ako dto para mag improve pko..:D

opo since nag-umpisa ako THG na ako...
kaya I try to do my best sa lahat ng gfx na gwa ko..
"the fruit of my work is from the seeds they planted in me..."
THG rocks!
Hi Guys medyo nahirapan akong gumawa ng topic dahil nasa work ako ahihi.. trry nyo po itong gnawa ko sana magustuhan nyo.. i'm working on another tutorial right now ahihi.. :thanks: guys


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