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What are your top 3 favorite movies of all time at bakit?


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Eto sakin:
1. The Dark Knight (2008 action) - Para sakin, eto ang pinakamagandang superhero movie na ginawa. Grabe si heath ledger dito.
2. Silence of the lambs (1991 thriller) at Shawshank redemption (1994 Drama) - Sensya na tie talaga silang dalawa sakin, di ko maiwan yung isa hehe. Panoorin nyo nlng, legit na old but gold.
3. Public Enemies (2009 action) - Iba yung angas ng mga character dito, at sobrang intense the whole movie.
+1 sa Shawshank

Ang hirap sagutin, I don't think I can limit my favorites into a top 3. pero off the top of my head, siguro

White Chicks- It never gets old.Mababaw ako pero ganun talaga. :lol:

The old English book-based romance movies - Pride and Prejudice, The Prestige.

+ Studio Ghibli movies
1. Howl's Moving Castle
2. The Myth
3. Everything Everywhere All at Once
too many to mention.
pero may naalala ako : the sixth sense, i saw the devil at the man from nowhere (korean) the hangover (franchise) lord of the rings franchise, the hobbit franchise, insidious franchise, evil dead film series madami madami pa
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