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  1. Rachiersh

    Poem Disappointment

    Some may have come to realize, A few aren’t different from those they criticize, Failings in others that they see, Are the same failings that dislike to feel. As is often said, ego is needed for survival, But like many egos, too big is not acceptable, Being humble is a kind that is few...
  2. Rachiersh

    Poem Fresh Start

    Oftentimes we wish for a chance, To have a fresh beginning, A chance to conceal our mistakes, And change defeat into winning. Compose a new beginning, Not only in the new year, It only takes a deep yearning, To try even in fear. To live life and be better, Be empathetic and forgiving, As it...
  3. Rachiersh

    Poem Rachiersh's Poems

    :D Rachiersh aka br0ken0id :D My List of Poems and Its Links :naughty: [2007] Alive | Complaints | 'Til the End | Deep Within Me | Jealousy | Last Breath Silence | Numb | Inferiority | Betrayal | Morning at the Sky | A Rich Life [2008] A Place in Me | Setting My Heart Free | As You Say...
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