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Serial Story A story of a pure love turned into great anger

(Based on a true story)

To start, let us name this boy as J, and the girl K. J and K first met at the same company they are working both with. They became a not so close acquaintance as the time goes by, for almost 2 years before anything happened.

K was committed to the father of the child she was bearing that time, and J was also committed to his long time girlfriend. J started to have a friendly chat with K when she was deployed to the project abroad by their company, as for the truth, J became not so loyal to his long time girlfriend, as the time goes by, J was also deployed to the same country, and K had a new boyfriend there, when K was sent back to the Philippines, all of these started.

J and K's communication gone deeper, deeper than a friendly chat, K is a single parent, but J was not sure if her partner is supporting her for the child as that boy also has his own child but separated to his wife. So as a "more that a friend" treatment of J to K, and he stayed on the project abroad, when K was borrowing money to J he can't help but not to refuse.

J was just separated from his long time girlfriend when he found out the she also cheated, but knowing he also had a part why she cheated, he just understands it and didn't want to talk about it at all to anybody. He tried to move on by having a new girlfriend but only lasted for more that 1 month.

Moving forward, J went back to Philippines for a vacation, and he and K met, and something happened behind her boyfriend's back. They know that is wrong, but K convinced J to get her from her boyfriend using her fabricated stories, that they are not happy, that she was taken for granted by him, etc. So J acted as a hero to the rescue that when K left her boyfriend, J will be the new one. They continued to communicate even J return to the other country.

K and her boyfriend was living under the same roof by that time, and when K left the house, J thought that this was the start that she is his already. But no, they are still have their relationship continued, without J's knowledge. Months and months have passed, long distance relationship between J and K continued, and financial supports are included to that relationship. J was so loyal and faithful to K, as he knows cheating is no longer an option, that it will destroy a person and relationship, so as long as he could, he doesn't look for other girls even they are apart, the exact opposite to K.

The time comes that J was returned back to Philippines for a vacation, but before that, he found out that K and his boyfriend was still together by August, but J chooses to stay because he loved K so much, knowing K will change when they will be together. J and K were together for almost a month for his vacation's duration. They were so happy by that time, and J already introduced her to his family, to relatives, that K said her ex boyfriend's cannot do, but that's only one of her fabricated stories.

One month had passed and J needs to return back to the project, he was so lonely that he needed to left again his beloved girl, K also showed that sadness and cried, but not knowing this was only an acting. Days passed and they are still ok with their relationship, but K didn't yet introduced to everyone that J is her new boyfriend, but there's a reason behind that.

Another one month had passed and J noticed that K became cold to him. That started the arguement, and all revelations that K was only acting by the time J was in the PH, that she didn't loved him so much all that time, and she wanted to leave him to have the time to think. J became so furious to what she has said, and told her a very hurting words out of anger. Because of that, K's decision to leave him for good became firm, even J was so regretful to what he has said, and starting to beg and apologize to her for forgiveness, not knowing that was only her plan.

And another month had passed that they had only a rare communication. J started to investigate, to K's friends, and other acquaintances, and he found so many thins about her. Let us enumerate:

- K only left the father of her child just to be with this ex boyfriend.
- By the time she was still with her ex boyfriend, she also has other boyfriends online.
- They just separated a month before J returns to Philippines, she only left her ex boyfriend because of this.
- After one month that J and K was separated, she had a contact again with her ex boyfriend, hoping that they can be together again (so itchy right?). :lol:
- Her ex boyfriend didn't want to be with her again, as he also found out what she did to him.
- K had already a new guy having a conversation with aside from his ex boyfriend.
- They are both cheated by K.
- Basically, J is a detective :lol:

All of this informations made J became so furious, and the love once he had felt became a great anger that he wants to destroy K's reputation so she cannot have a new victim again. He found out that he was only used by her, his money. He was regretting why he had to met that kind of woman, whom he loved solely and purely. The saying that "you don't want to betray a very good person" who all did was to love her, support her at all things, and be there for here at all times even they are apart, and J accepted K's past and for who she was, not including this kind of personality.

Now J is wiser, smarter, and learned a lesson not to trust and love seriously that you only got from others, as they will also do the same to you.


Ayan sana po ay kahit mali mali ang ibang grammar ay nagustuhan nyo ang aking maigsing kwento based on a true story :lol:
Magsilbing aral na din sana to sa iba na wag basta basta maniniwala at magtitiwala dahil mahirap pag nahulog ka sa maling tao. :approve:
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