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Web Browsing using Internet Explorer 6.0 in a Windows NT 4.0 VM


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Another trip down memory lane. This OS reminds me of the time I applied as a SysAdmin at the US Embassy in Roxas Blvd back in the late 90's. Although I never got hired mainly because they were looking for someone with Windows NT background which I didn't have --- I only had exposure with Novell Netware 3.12 and Windows for Workgroups back then, the experience was quite memorable for a few reasons. AFAIK I was the only one among my peers or even my relatives who has set foot inside the US Embassy instead of the consulate area where tourists usually apply for a visa. First you had to go through the main steel gate which was separate from the consulate area where a Filipino security guard was posted at the guardhouse who asks questions about your visit and the appointment letter, asked to leave your cellphone, be frisked and bag checked. Then the guard would call someone in the embassy to ask them if it was OK to let you in. Once he got the go signal I was told to walk along the pathway and proceed to the main door which was enclosed by another guardhouse manned by a White US Marine dressed in full regalia similar to what you would see when they do a 21-Gun salute and armed with a rifle. Asked to see my letter then I proceeded to open the door leading to the main building. The metal door was about 6-8 inches thick and quite heavy that the Marine had to help me open it. Along the hallway I saw picture frames of ex-Pres. Bill Clinton hanging on the wall. After 5 or so minutes out came an American lady who escorted me to the HR office and conducted the interview. That was the first time I was ever interviewed by a foreigner. Well, so much for the reminiscence. I hope you appreciate the sample screenshot and the DL link for the short MP4 video at the end;

Windows NT-2024-02-16-18-01-23.png

Web Browsing using Internet Explorer 6.0 in a Windows NT 4.0 VM
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