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IBM AIX 7.2 Test Run in Windows 10 using QEMU PowerPC Emulation


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With the current version of this OS being 7.3 this is a relatively recent iteration with last updates and patches dated Nov. 2021. As you can see from the screenshots I only installed it using the console in a Windows Command Prompt but based on documentation the CDE graphical desktop can also be used as usual along with a proprietary IBM one under evaluation. For those more familiar with Linux, GNOME and KDE desktops which come packaged with AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications DVD are also optional. I've yet to try and run it on a multi-core configuration to boost the emulation speed which as you can see from the NMON figures is kinda slow at only 1Ghz versus native of 4Ghz+ on PowerPC hardware which is expected. But damn, QEMU has certainly come a long way and thanks to it's developer/s, hobbyists who don't have access to these respective OS's hardware now have another way to tinker with them without spending a fortune. Would be interesting to test if this emulator can also run Big Blue's other Power-based OSs like OS/400, i7R4 etc. which were/are mainly used for midrange computers. Download link for the Test Run Video in MP4 posted at the bottom.

P.S. Just found out that QEMU supports Intel's HAXM feature so I'll try to install it on my Intel-based laptop to see if indeed the emulation runs faster. Oh and BTW, I just posted the installer for this OS on the PC Applications thread just in case anyone's interested in having their own VM.

IBM AIX 7.2 Test Run in Windows 10 using QEMU PowerPC Emulation


Screenshot (36).png
Screenshot (45).png
Screenshot (44).png
Screenshot (46).png
Screenshot (47).png
Screenshot (38).png
Screenshot (39).png



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