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Short Story The Lies of the Fisherman


The Lies of the Fisherman

by PadrePio

The fishing trip seemed innocent enough, until Laura uncovered what was really being dangled on her husband’s lines.

IN THE QUIET CORNERS of rural Philippines, where secrets sometimes breed unchecked, Laura had always suspected that her husband, Pepito, harbored a dark secret. A nagging intuition gnawed at her, whispering of infidelity and deceit. But it was the weekends that fueled her suspicions, for Pepito would venture out to fish with his supposed best friend, Julio, returning home empty-handed and with an air of nonchalance. Laura’s mind whispered of betrayal’s dark seeds.

Compelled by her desperate need for the truth, Laura laid a trap, secretly stashing Pepito’s fishing gear where they could not be found. But no frantic call came from her duplicitous husband, even as his gear remained hidden. Pepito’s facade of normalcy held steady upon his empty-handed return. The knot in Laura’s gut only twisted tighter.

Undeterred, Laura resolved to uncover the truth, to expose the darkness that lurked beneath her husband’s veneer of normalcy. She entrusted their children to the care of her mother and embarked on a clandestine mission, trailing Pepito’s old truck from a distance on her quiet scooter once it had left their village.

Staying out of sight around bends in the road, she tracked him 20 kilometers away from the usual fishing spots. The trail led not to the shimmering sea as expected, but to a remote motel tucked away from the main roads. Laura’s heart pounded as she hid her scooter in the bushes, peering at the parking lot from the shadows.

What was Pepito doing here?

Her heart pounding, Laura raced towards the motel, desperate to seize the truth in its unvarnished form. And there, amidst the suffocating miasma of betrayal, she beheld a sight that would sear her soul. Julio’s wife’s car, an accomplice in their husbands’ deceit, stood as a silent witness to the torrid affair. Anguish and treachery danced in the air, mingling with the acrid stench of duplicity. Laura’s fury surged, her trust shattered like fragile glass, as she prepared to confront the traitors.

But fate, the cruel mistress that she is, had other plans. Before Laura could knock upon the door of revelation, an unexpected touch upon her shoulder jolted her from her vengeful reverie. It was Divina, Julio’s wife, a portrait of fury and confusion, standing as a mirror image of Laura’s own tumultuous emotions. A revelation awaited them both.

In a torrent of words, Divina revealed her own suspicions, her own instincts that had led her to this desolate place. The puzzle pieces began to align, forming a grotesque tableau of shared heartbreak and deception. Laura and Divina, two women wronged, united in their quest for truth, their souls aflame with righteous indignation.

With a shared resolve burning within them, Laura and Divina marched towards room 202, where their husbands’ secrets lay exposed, waiting to be reckoned with. Laura, fueled by a stolen key, flung open the door, ready to face the adulterous monsters that had consumed her world.

But what they discovered within surpassed their most lurid nightmares. An unholy congregation of a dozen men from their neighborhood, entangled in a perverse dance of flesh and desire, greeted their disbelieving eyes. Among them, Laura and Divina’s husbands, their faces twisted with carnal pleasure, eliciting a wave of revulsion that threatened to consume the two women.

Laura’s world crumbled around her, the foundation of her beliefs shattered. How could Pepito, a man who had railed against the very existence of love beyond the norm, inflict upon her this ultimate betrayal? The hypocrisy suffocated her, a vise grip on her heart that threatened to squeeze the life from her very essence.

In the chaos that ensued, Divina’s voice rose above the cacophony, unleashing a torrent of fury upon her own unfaithful spouse. Panic and desperation gripped the room, as the guilty men sought solace in the shadows, their feeble attempts at explanation falling upon deaf ears. Laura, her eyes ablaze with a mix of rage and sorrow, silenced Pepito’s pathetic pleas with a single raised hand. She was beyond words.
Caught in his web of lies, Pepito’s flimsy facade had come apart, revealing him as deception’s poster child – disloyal, spineless, and steeped in hypocrisy. Laura turned to Divina, their unspoken understanding a testament to the bonds of sisterhood forged in the crucible of betrayal. “Let’s go,” she whispered, her voice laced with quiet strength.

Together, Laura and Divina retreated from the room, leaving behind the wreckage of their shattered marriages. They stepped into the night, their hearts heavy with a burden too immense to bear, yet somehow lightened by the truth that had been unveiled.

Despite the weight, truth had finally set them free.


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Para akong fisher man na nalunod sa english sea!
Nice read dre!
moral ng story wag dapat grupo :rofl: hahaha huli tuloy kayo :lmao:
Oohh, I saw it coming along the first paragraph....

Nice story TS!
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