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Short Story Favorite T-Shirt

A short story inspired by the song "Favorite T-shirt" by Jake Scott :loved:
I suggest you play it while reading the story hihi ;-)


Until now, hindi ko alam bakit ba ako pumayag na pumunta sa reunion ng tropa. Sabagay, after graduating from college, bihira na lang talaga magkita-kita, sisihin na lang rin natin ang adulting stage. Though, I really do miss spending time with them, too, at nung nakita ko ulit siya, I told myself, “Good thing I agreed to be here”.

I was mesmerized. Parang nag slow-mo yung mga tropa sa tabi ko nung makita kita na papunta na sa reserved table ng grupo. It felt weird for me pero I called your name and I beckoned you over my side so you can sit together with me. I’m not usually like that. Bonus na lang yung smile mo nung tumingin ka sa akin and I think my heart skipped a beat when you said my name. From then on, I look forward sa get-together ng tropa.

Sometimes, ako na nag-i-initiate na magkita-kita at ako na rin naghahanap ng place na mapupuntahan so I have a reason to see you again. We exchanged messages often and talked about almost everything under the sun. I built the courage to ask you out and you made me the happiest person when you accepted it.

We announced that we are dating sa mga tropa natin during one of our get-togethers and I’m glad we got their approval and supported us. The night was still young, so that’s why we decided to drink some more booze.

I put my arm round your shoulder to see if I could pull you closer. And I didn’t want to say it but honestly thought of growing older.
I saw your eyes in the city lights and I almost saidI want you so bad tonight”.

You were kissing my neck. You were making me nervous and none of our friends would believe it.
You were putting your hands up under my shirt, making fun of the way I was breathing.

Blankets in the back of my car all night. You look so good, it hurts. In my favorite T-Shirt.

No, it doesn't really fit, but you don't really care 'cause you said you were cold and you need it.
Hope you're gonna forget that you ever put it on 'cause you gotta see me if you keep it.

Parked out at the end of your drive. Kiss me through the window one more time.

You look so good, it hurts

In my favorite T-Shirt
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