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Poem New Muse

New Muse

Come to me, undress my soul
I will show you every traces of wars and battles I have won

Trace it carefully
So you could see the true nakedness of me, a warrior, a monster
who had silence all the demons inside my head

I had calm all the chaos
the constant battle between life and death
and finally, the storm had passed

After undressing me, will you be ready
to embrace the monster inside of me?
I don't need nothing from your mundane life

All I want to see
are the galaxies in your eyes
where, I can be lost forever
never minding the past
forgetting that every chapter in my life
trust was broken, love was forgotten

All I want to see are the rainbows and butterflies
happily dancing with the monster inside of me

Have you tame the monster?
Or is the monster is feeding with your heart?
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Hubad ang katotohanang mag babalot sa atin ng tunay na katauhan :devilish::devilish::devilish:

Nice poem:clap:
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