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(Android/iOS) That time I got reincarnated as a slime - Isekai memories


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That time I got reincarnated as a slime
Download @ Google Play Store
Download @ Apple App Store

Check niyo na lang details at gameplay videos sa store.

This is a great time for interested players to start the game
May ongoing na event - half year anniversary ng game.
Daming libreng crystals (game currency)


Play the tutorial, get as much free crystals and tickets tapos summon lang ng summon hanggang makakuha ka ng top tier chars.
The game has an "element" system for characters so hindi kailangang mag concentrate sa isang type sa umpisa.

I would recommend: (for starters)
*use free tickets*
Battle chars: Veldora (dark) or Milim (wind), Rimuru (space), Gazel (light), Diablo (dark)
Protection: 5* Veldora (wind), Elemental Colossus (earth), Orc Disaster (dark), Ramiris (light)

For ongoing event: (space)
Kunin niyo yung tatlong featured characters
Milim, Masked, Veldora
*Dito niyo gastusin lahat ng crystals*

Kung di kayo happy sa pulls, mag re-roll:
Open main menu (4 boxes top right)
Open menu (9 dots)
Return to title screen
Menu (lower left)

Delete game data
Start panibagong acct.

Good luck. Balitaan niyo ako. Hehe

Ang alam ko na-f-flag ang acct niyo as cheater or against ToS Kung gagamit kayo ng emulator.
Wag din gumamit ng mods.
Masipag sila mag ban.​
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