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Anong PS1 games ang paborito mong laruin noon?

Gran Turismo, Tomb Raider, Armored Core, Twisted Metal, Megaman X4

Naglalaro sa PS1 ng kaibigan. :lol:
Hi, the game series like resident evil, parasite eve, tomb raider, need for speed, nba live, and final fantasy! some of them continue to PS2 and PS3 console! More power to us!
Nabanggit na lahat ng magandang games, eto pa naaalala ko na maganda din:
-Space Jam
-Bloody Roar
-Poy poy
-Toshinden Arena
-Breath of Fire
-Bust a Groove
-Marvel vs Capcom
-Digimon World 2 (best digimon game pa din para sa akin)
-Rival Schools
-Marvel Super Heroes
-Megaman X series
-Saga Frontier 2
-Eternal Wings (kahit hindi namin maintindihan kinapa kapa lang namin kasi tamiya racing)
Madami ako nalaro sa PS1 noon eto sa baba;
-> Castlevania Symphony of the Night -> Nightmare Creatures
-> Final Fantasy VIII -> Evil Dead
-> Final Fantasy IX -> Soul Edge
-> Resident Evil 1,2,3 -> Shaman King
-> Parasite Eve 1,2 -> Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver
-> Silent Hill -> Tenchu
-> Twisted Metal -> Syphon Filter 1,2,3
-> Legend of Dragoon -> Einhander
-> Legend of Mana -> Street Fighter X Plus A
-> Legend of Legaia -> Odd World
-> Mortal Kombat Sub Zero -> Dino Crisis 1,2
-> Mortal Kombat Trilogy -> Metal Gear Solid
-> Xenogears -> Medal of Honor
-> Marvel Vs. Capcom -> Tenchu
-> Bloody Roar 2 -> Silent Bomber
-> Tekken -> Brave Fencer Mushashi
-> Crash Team Racing -> Dragon Ball Z Connect
-> Megaman X4, X5, X6 -> Dragon Ball GT Final Bout
-> Chrono Cross -> Harvest Moon :))
-> Breath of Fire IV -> Digimon 1,2,3
-> Galerians -> Raystorm
-> G Darius -> Metal Slug
-> Army Men Air Attack 1,2
Naalala ko bigla, naadik nga din pala ako dati sa Digimon World 3 :lol:

Yung tipong nag-adik talaga ako nun ipalevel yung starting 3 ko para lang makuha yung malulupit na digivolutions (Imperialdramon Paladin mode, Gallantmon, Black Wargreymon)
When we first bought a PS, we have Crash Bandicot, Tomb Raiders, Tekken. But later we discovered RPG's and these became our favorites like the final fantasy series. Second would be the strategy games like civilization and dune. Too bad there's no more consoles units being sold in the marketplace these days
hi guys, other ps1 games continue to ps2,ps3 or ps4 console like GT series, smackdown series, raw vs. smackdown series, metal gear series, ff series, tomb raider, dbz, and other games out there! More power to us!
Resident Evil 2 (double disc), Resident Evil 3 Nemesis, NBA Live, Duke Nukem at ang paborito kong Final Fantasy VII at VIII
Hi! metal gear, crash bandicot, nfs series and megaman series! Street fighter and virtual fighter! More power to us!
Hi guys, other games titles under PS1 you played or released pls post here in forum the others I forgot na! TY and more power to us!
Grade 1 ako nung una ako nakalaro ng PS1 hehe favorite ko Crash Bandicoot at Bloody Roar 2. Pati pala yung Army Men at Dragon Valor.

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