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Anong PS1 games ang paborito mong laruin noon?

Speaking of Red Alert, naalala ko meron nga rin pala akong Red Alert Retaliation dati. Dinadaya ko pa nga siya via GameShark para may unli nuke maski sa missions haha
My stress reliever “Crash Team Racing” and “Crash Bandicoot”
Tekken 3 practice sa bahay tapos laban sa arcades, final fantasy 8 , 9, metal gear solid,
Meron laro dati jack en poy tapos hahaha Only legend knows
Hi I remembered if you run gamesharks codes by CD 2 way may results, may runs the game w/ that codes or maybe crushed the games then worst your saved game/s remove or corrupted! TY!

solid, ilan beses ko din tinapos
Valkyrie Profile
Final fantasy 4,5,6,7,8,9
Thousand arms
Breath of Fire 3
Suikoden 2
Monster Rancher 2
Monster Rancher battle card
Digimon world
Tomba 2
Legend of dragon
Jade Cocoon
Tekken 3
Bloody roar
Rival school
Crash Bandicoot Team Racing
Crash bash
Megaman X4, X5, X6, 8
Hi many games released on PS1 console very happy and enjoy to played it by solo or w/ a partner! More power to us! Shared your thoughts!
gusto ko nga ulitin Legend of dragon at para mas maintindihan ko pa story ahha
Sinu dito yung mga nagtry na maglagay ng mga card number sa YUGI-OH Forbidden Memories para makakuha ng card? ahaha

Ang hirap talunin nung boss laging Skull knight bungad na card.
lahat ng games of PS1 ginawa maganda lahat its up to you ano genre of game/s mo gusto laruin! TY!
Hi around 600 or more PS1 titles na game/s eto sa ps1 console ginawa ang dame talaga! TY!
Chrono Cross all time best.
Suikoden II
Monster Rancher II
Digimon World
Medal of Honor
Parasite Eve II
Dance Dance Revolution Syempre need ng Dance pad. HAHA
Remake ng front mission 3 sana magkaroon sa iBang platform
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