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Asus VivoBook X407MA | No display but with Power


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Hello mga boss! Pa-help naman po kasi yung Asus VivoBook X407MA after i-upgrade yung RAM, ayaw na mag-display. Pero pag tinu-turn on ko, umiilaw naman yung power.

Na-try ko na:
  • To turn on without battery (direct from charger) - both lights po meron (red for the battery, white for the power indicator)
  • Turn on with battery only - power light is on (power indicator)
  • Turn on with battery while charger is plugged in - both lights meron (white for battery, white for power indicator)
  • Binalik ko na rin yung old RAM, pero wala pa rin talagang display
  • I have checked the LCD display cable and intact pa rin naman sya. Hindi ko inalis yung sticker kaya hindi nagalaw.
  • Fan is not spinning kahit naka-on yung mga lights
  • No display talaga kahit yung POST or logo ng Asus di talaga lumalabas

Baka po may makatulong. Maraming salamat po!


Okay na po itong request ko. Pwede na po i-close. Hehe

For future reference and para sa ibang makaka-encounter ng similar problem, I performed the following to repair the laptop:
  • Reapply Thermal Paste
  • Cleaned the RAM contacts with an eraser
  • Disconnect then reconnect all flex cables (display, keyboard, touchpad, fingerprint)
  • Reset the BIOS by removing the battery and charger then pressing the power button for at least 60 seconds
Actually I'm not sure which of those repaired the laptop. *laugh* Nilista ko lang para magka-idea yung iba kung paano mag troubleshoot and repair. Hehe

Thank you mga ka-symb! :-D
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