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Bringing Back Classic Mu Online Season 6 Ep3 - Base Exp Server Grind & Trade


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Bring back the nostalgic feeling of Mu Online Season 6 Ep3!

Nofeara Mu Online is developing a base experience server that will bring back grinding & item trading. Zen as an important resource, item and stat building, and nostalgic Desktop PC PVP experience.

We are opening the server for public testing so players can participate with their feedback experience that can be documented in our forums. To fully test the game aside from the manual grinding we have enabled workshop server commands, npc items, & web utilities. Check this thread to learn more:

The following are some details of what we have so far with the development of the game:

Host Location: Singapore
Max Level: 400 Normal + 220 Master Level
Common Drop Rate: 10%
Experience Rate: Base (1x)
Full Party Experience: Up to +140%

Character Creation:
Dark Knight: Level 1
Dark Wizard Level 1
Fairy Elf: Level 1
Summoner: Level 1
Magic Gladiator: At least 1 Level 220 Character
Rage Fighter: At least 1 Level 250 Character
Dark Lord: At least 1 Level 250 Character

Note: Normal Quest for 2nd & 3rd Job is required.

Item Restrictions:
Common Items: Max 2 Excellent Options, Max 4 Life Options, & Max Level +15
Guardian Items: Non Excellent, Purple & Yellow Option Enabled, Max 4 Life Options & Max Level +15
Divine Items: Non Excellent, Yellow Option Enabled, Max 4 Life Options & Max Level +15
Socket Items: Non Excellent Max 3 Socket Slots, No Harmony Options, Max 4 Life Options & Max Level +15
Ancient Items: Non Excellent Items, No Harmony Options, Max 4 Life Options & Max Level +15

Chaos Item Assembly & Mix Rate: It is what it is. The % success shown is the configured rates.

Phantom Soldier Removal
Since character quest is a bit off, we have removed the Phantom Soldier in the game and replaced with a bot buffer we named Irish, located in Lorencia. She can be accessed using /buff command and requires 100,000 zen.

In relation to this, all new created accounts will have 1,000 wcoins that they can use to purchase buffs in the in-game shop (x).

Gens Disabled.
The admin decided that this feature is unnecessary and so disabled.

Game Currency
We will have zen as our main currency together with the in-game shop currencies, WCoin, WCoin(P), & GoblinPoint.

Wcoin can only be obtained by exchanging zen using the web module. Link:

WCoin(P) can only be obtained by killing specified monsters. A separate guide will be made for this. WCoin(P) sells 3 colored boxes. Green box drops all common excellent items. Red box drops guardian items. Purple box drops socket items. This setting is to be configured and guides will be made. We are planning that guardian items & socket items can only be obtained from these boxes, they will not be commonly drop so hunting the specified monsters is a must to get these items.

GoblinPoint is earned every 5 minutes online time. GoblinPoint sells the Chaos Cards. The default Chaos card assembles into Mini, Rare or Gold Chaos Card. Mini, Rare, and Gold assembles into Tier 1, 2 and 3 common excellent items respectively. A guide for the list of each card will be made and the assembly is yet to be configured. Goblin point is also used to activate some of the player commands.

More player commands can be found in this guide:

Events & Invasion.

Currently we have disabled most of the Invasions because we are planning that these invasions will be seasonal and we have yet to identify the drop configuration for them.

Golden Monster, Red Dragon, & Moss will most likely set to be regular events.

Lunar rabbit, Pouch Blessing, Santa, Skeleton will be seasonal. This will be aligned to seasonal drop items such as the pumpkins, firecrackers, etc..

Blood Castle & Devil Square will have x10 Experience & Zen Reward. Full guide & drop configuration have yet to be configured.

Chaos Castle & Illusion Temple will be a GM Activated Event. Guides & drop configuration have yet to be configured.

Varka & Doppelganger Event is enabled but drops will still be configured. Guides will be made as well.

Nightmare & Selupan will be regular instance event. Drop is yet to be configured and Guide will be made.

Kundun, Medusa, & Erohim will be GM Activated Invasions. Drop is yet to be configured and Guide will be made.

Castle Siege

Bi-monthly or Monthly cycle will be configured. Guide will be made.


There will be no item donations & VIPs. The server will allow Real Money Trading between players. We will accept donations for zen only or none at all. This will only be allotted for server resource payments. If ever donations are made we will make sure that we will have server-wide transparency.

The workshop server might be enabled permanently but it will depend on the data analysis of resources, player feedback and goal alignment.

We plan to manually test the game until max level to fully understand the difficulty experience of the setup. This might require more settings to be updated as we continue with the development.


discontinued na yung project sir..

currently learning web framework instead para gumawa nalang ng sariling game. I figured out kasi na very limited ang customization ng game logic like yung skill relationship with various damage and pvp and ang hirap escale into mobile, so sayang lang din ang time & resources if continued..
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