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GENOPETS - Move to Earn (Until March 31st 11:59PM PT Only)

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(Until 31st March 11:59PM PT) - Invite Code: 332Y6c1jL

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What is Genopets?​

Genopets is the first Free-To-Play, Move-To-Earn NFT game that rewards users with cryptocurrencies for moving around in the physical world. A Genopet is your digital companion which grows with you. As you move around, be it running or walking, you will earn steps that can be used to increase the level of Genopet giving you an advantage when you battle.

How to earn from Move-To-Earn games?​

Move-To-Earn earning mechanics can vary from application to application. But the main concepts like a dual token mechanism, and moving to earn in-game currency is very similar.


For example, a popular game like Genopets runs on a Dual Token system. Each of the tokens has its function and in-game utility.

GENE is the governance and staking token used for Genesis NFT sales, seasonal drops, and for in-game crafting of items. By staking GENE, users can get staking rewards, beta access to game functions, seasonal NFT drops, and future Energy boosts.

KI is the in-game currency. Users who own Habitat, which represents the land in Genopets, can harvest $KI by converting Energy from their daily steps. Upon use, KI will be burnt and at the same time, there is a limit to how much KI a user is able to earn per day.

Genopets Leveling up and Evolution:

The other earning mechanism is moving around and clocking steps. These steps can then be banked in as energy which can then be converted to XP to level up your Genopet. These Genopets can be sold on the open market in future developments.

What NFTs are in Genopet?​

Like Play-To-Earn games, Move-To-Earn games have their own NFT with various functions as well. These NFTs can be land parcels, game characters, or in-game items that can help boost your character stats.

In Genopets, in-game NFT items include Habitats, Crystals, and Items. Each of these NFTs can be minted by using in-game items like Terraform See, Refined Crystals, GENE, and KI. This way, the NFTs tie in with the in-game currency which creates an ecosystem where users have to move to earn Energy, upgrade their characters, earn items from battles, and mint new Habitats which allows them to harvest more KI.

What is a Habitat?​

Habitats represent Land in the Genoverse and they are the NFT homes for your Genopets. Habitats unlocked additional functionality like crafting in-game NFT items like Battle Items, Power-Ups, and much more. As the habitat level increases, users will unlock advanced functions that allow for the crafting of NFTs and refining Crystals which can be sold on NFT Marketplaces.

Habitat ecosystem in Genopets

What are Crystals?​

Crystals spawn on habitats and they play a crucial role in the Genopets ecosystem. Each habitat can spawn 1-3 unrefined crystals. Users are able to refine crystals in the laboratory by using KI, and the refined crystals can then be used to alter the element of the Genopet, used for crafting NFT items, and sold in the open market.

How do I start Genopets?​

There are 2 routes for Genopets, Free-To-Play, and Pay-To-Play. In the Free-To-Play, users are able to mint their Genopets at no cost, the Genopet will be based on a quiz the player answers during the setup of the game.

Upon minting the Genopet, it’s as simple as linking Genopets app to a smartwatch or the mobile device’s steps counter to start playing. As players walk or run, Genopets app will collect these steps and players will have to bank in these steps(converting them to energy) which can then be converted to XP for your Genopets.

On the Pay-To-Play side of things, players can purchase Habitats from NFT Marketplaces or directly from the Genopets Marketplace. Having these Habitats will enable users to earn KI, rent out Habitats to other players, and craft NFTs which can be sold.

As of writing, Genopets is in private beta which only allows a small group of users to play the game, however, players who are interested to start playing Genopets can Whitelist for the Public Beta that is ongoing now.

Genopets Economic Flywheel

Future of Genopets​

Genopets is being launched in phases and there are 3 main phases for Genopets:

Phase 1 - Private Beta (Completed)

Phase 2 - Whitelist Public Beta (In Progress)

Phase 3 - Future Launch (2023)

Genopets Phase 1​

Players will be able to:
  • Acquire Genesis Genopets & Habitats
  • Summon Baby Genopets & Evolve
  • Bank Steps & Set Personal Goals
  • Convert Energy & Level Up with XP
  • See their Rank on the Leaderboard
  • Trade on NFT Marketplace Partners
  • Stake GENE & Earn KI Tokens
  • Manage, Rent, & Terraform Habitats
  • Refine Crystals & Get Terraform Seeds

Genopets Phase 2​

Players will be able to:
  • Craft Items, Augments, & Power-Ups
  • Play Nurture Minigames - Feed, Fetch, & Pet
  • Refer Friends with Invite Codes
  • Complete Challenges & Earn Achievements
  • Augment & Customize Genopets
  • Battle in Turn-Based PVP Minigames

Genopets Phase 3​

Players will be able to:
  • Explore the Open World of Genopets
  • Experience an Epic Story with Quests
  • Engage in Multiplayer & Team Battles
  • Craft & Terraform in App
  • Connect with Additional Health Sensors
Things are still moving and growing with the Genoverse and we have only covered the tip of the iceberg for Genopets. If you want in-depth research and review of Genopets, do check out at Old Fashion Research where they have an in-depth research paper on Genopets and what we can expect from the game.

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