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Grass: The First Ever Layer 2 Data Rollup

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Grass is the world’s first Layer 2 Data Rollup. It exists as a source for AI training data, which it obtains from public websites using a vast network of web scraping nodes. These nodes are operated voluntarily by residential internet users, and users are rewarded for their participation. Data procured on the network is then cleaned and processed into structured datasets before being added to Grass’s growing data repository for use in AI training.

Want to invest in AI with zero capital?

Kung kinaya mo yung Pi Network na ang tagal lumabas, what more eto na soon?
Gave up on that one.

1. Sign up using the links below.
2. Download the browser extension or the app.
3. Run In the background when you're online or using your device.
4. Share your referral to others and wait for airdrops.

Salamat mga ka symbianize*giggle*
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